Tuesday, March 28, 2006

A warm bb

Weekend was a busy one. I went out on Saturday to attend a short course and only come back by 8pm. luckily hubby was there to take care of bb and by the time I reached home, dinner was ready for me too. He went out to pack some fried rice with Chinese sausage. Yummylicious!

Bb was a little warm on Sunday night. I thought he was having fever. Checked him using the thermometer, no fever was detected. He slept and the next morning temperature was reading fine except his body was warmer than normal. I asked Sri to bring fever medicine along to mil’s house. By noon, he had slight fever. “Medicine”- this word upset him, it was such a pain feeding him. He tumbled with scream and cries; bite his teeth, spit out the fever syrup. Syrup spilled all around his mouth, down to the neck and stained his shirt. Oh poor boy, I think he is teething again. I saw him biting his security blanket very frequently. I fed him a little of pearl powder with water last night. It is belief to bring body heat down. His fever was almost gone this morning but he had a tough night sleeping.

Feverish, Bb ZzzZzz...
Photos above taken on Sunday. Bb enjoyed the company of three princesses (Triplets from our neighbour).
I made the little bracelet for him.


Zara's Mama said...

Poor BB.. feverish.

Who are the 3 princesses playing with him?

geetha said...

Hey, can drink the pearl powder ah? I use it with lotion for my face u know..

By the way, can we get it here? I got mine from China..

Wow, triplets. How nice. I always wished I could have twins, at least :)

Nice bracelet. I have to buy mine, and you make your own... can save a lot of money and very special too. *jealous*

And I notice he has a tattoo too ;P

Egghead said...

seems like children everywhere is getting sick lately... sigh! must blame the weather :P

better take good care of my son first :)

mom2ashley said...

wah has lots of friends to play with..

eileen said...

Get well soon BB!! =)

Blogie-Talkie said...

Lots of huges and kisses, soon they will be shine and wide....

MyLittleChampion said...

poor bb.... get well soon. wa, nice to have girls to play with la sometimes. what pearl powder? can get from where ah? oscar takes bo ying pill if he is feverish.

maria @ twinsmom said...

How is Bb doing now? hope his fever gone already.

triplet? *fainted*

Allyfeel said...

zara's mama,
They are kids from my neighbour. I just can't keep my eyes away from the 3rd daughter. She has very sweet face, dreamy and watery eyes. Oh...

Yes, you could go to Chinese Medicine shop to get pearl powder for baby's consumption. It cost about $30++ for a tiny lil' bit.

If you like to have the adults one, go "Lou Hong Ka", if I am not mistaken, there's one in Mid valley opposite They sells bird's nest, pearl powder etc. Currently on promotion buy 1 free 1 I think.

Hehe...if u want I can make for u also. *wink*

It's a stamp from gymboree class. ;)

Yes, you are right. But no worries la, you have access to all kinds of medicine.

ya, I like seeing them together. So cute!

eileen, blogie-talkie,
Thanks! I really hope so, he refuses to take his medicine. *headache*

my little champion,
What is ying pill?
pearl powder, read comments to geetha.

Still a bit feverish. He refuses to take his medication. Makes me so worried.
Haha...I thought so too but seeing at their beautiful faces, warm my heart.

geetha said...

What do I tell them? I mean, if they don't understand English term of pearl powder?

Yeah, it is expensive..

It is different, for adult and child. For external and internal usage?

Do you know what else it is good for?

Thanks for the info. I was thinking I need to get it only from China.. and have asked people going to China to look for it :)

Make one for me? Really? How sweet.. the thought itself is really sweet dear.

michelle said...

Hahaha, my friend replace medicine with another word to get rid of the phobia. Maybe you should try.

Allyfeel said...

Ya, I think there are difference between external and internal. Hehe, as far as I know, if baby has taken it a few times, they will have very silky skin. :)

I can type out the Chinese words for you. Just show them the word if they don't understand. I will drop the chinese words in ur email.

I told him come and take sweet sweet. hah! He never want either. ;)

blinka.Li said...

I guess normally my reaction for mama is for mama to take care of herself wo!Normally mama sure have sleepless nite cured so fast, must be the tender loving care of mama lo! :)

Allyfeel said...,
yes you are damn right! I am still very zombieeeee now. Thanks.