Thursday, March 09, 2006

The Soccer kid, NO. 36

Like any other children, 6pm is a heavenly time for Bb. He will drag his grandma to the near by park to let him move his butt and little feet for soccer ball kicking. He has build relationship with people around the park. For instance, there is this magician from Iraq exercising in the park. Occasionally bb would mimic his move and he would come smiling with “Hi, How are you?”

Many grandparents bring children there to quench their playfulness with colorful kid’s gym equipments while elderly stretching their arms and feet of the day with an eye on their little one.

I was with him yesterday for the first time. He put on his socks, shoes and sleeveless top with no. 36 printed on it. Yes, go 36! Mommy is here to watch you play. He showed me his power 36 and I cheered while recording his never to miss clips.

Mil told me that sometimes he would buy ice cream for bb after the sweaty run in the park and not forgetting to grab a 4D ticket nearby as well. Her car number plate came out second prize on Tuesday and she missed. Before I forget, bb reminded her that the fridge has run out of Vitagen and urge her to grab some too. *Speechless*

BB with his pal kicking ball in the park...


geetha said...

Very very cute.. He's able to communicate and play football with his friend.

Go 36, GO!

Lazymama said...

He really can mix well with the big kid huh! *thumbs up*

Little David Beckham in the making!:)

Jesslyn said...


Zara's Mama said...

Wah.. little Beckam woh.. Some more so well dressed up.

Zara always wants to join the bigger children in their ball kicking, but I think they are too rough so I refrain her from joining.. Aah.. only if we live nearby.. then Zara can play with BB.

jazzmint said...

wahh..he also has his to buy supermarket listing kekeke

mom2ashley said...

wah he's so excited! i remember i used to come out of the house and play with theneighbourhood kids in the evening as well.

blinka.Li said...

mummy should join him more often lor! football with the baby diaper, so cute! :)

maria @ twinsmom said...

should come and play with my girls, my girls love soccer too, thanks to their daddy.


proper attire...exhibit football skill at such a tender age....indeed Beckham in the making..very cute!!

Allyfeel said...

geetha, jefferene, jesslyn,
yes, he was telling the friend that he wants to kick his ball to his grandma.

zara's mama,
arrr....only we live near by then bb can go kacau little zara. :)

He remembers, I am surprised to hear that too. His awareness is so much better now.

Wow, what good memory you have there. I only remember me scouping fish in the long kang.

Ya, I kick ball with him and hubby, but hubby always laugh that bb can kick better than me. Of coz la, he trains bb personally wor. :)

Oh, really ar? Are they rough?? I am sure, if there is an opportunity, bb will be so happy to do that.

Thanks!The father trains him personally. So looks like a lil pro eh? hahaha...