Tuesday, March 21, 2006

To impress

The other day a neighbour whom bb called grand auntie stopped by to have a chit chat with mil. Beside her was her granddaughter. When bb saw the little girl approaching, he was so excited and started jumping high up, he pointed to his used to be walker now bicycle and hurried it out to the garden where the little girl was.

I think he was trying to impress the little girl. He used to bring out his motorbike and start showing kids that come by with his skills on operating the forward, reverse, riding, turning of the bike. I was a little surprise seeing how such young boy understood the concept of “IMPRESS”.

Mil asked him to call grand auntie and che che (big sis), he shy away only to demonstrate his skill handling the bicycle. Later when Sri picked up a piece of flower to toss it high up letting it hover down forming a nice twirling image. He mimicked Sri while eyeing the girl with the edge of his right eye. Boy, this makes me wonder if it is healthy to impress girl at such a tender age. *zillions of wonder*


Zara's Mama said...

I think it's their nature..

I see Zara too sometimes trying to impress other kids (esp those older than her), and then checking out their expression through the corner of her eyes.. so cute.

But with younger kids, Zara bochap, but will go near to sayang them. What about BB? Should test him out on Zara hor?

Blogie-Talkie said...

Hi, I am new blogger to your site,
Saw the picture you posted, Caught my attention. So, Came to read your blog...(on Egghead comment columns)
I too have a son who will turn 4 this Thursday, since we have boy in the family, we may create a lot of comment.

MyLittleChampion said...

yeah, oscar will also try to impress girls when we go shopping. like when he is sitting on his stroller, then he sees this cute little girl, he will want to come down and wave hi.. so vain! wai-sei... you wen to leehom's concert!!!!! wooo hooo, luv him la...

maria @ twinsmom said...

so good, your son can share (share lar, not impress lar LOL), my girls will keep all the things and tell others don't touch *slap forehead*.

michelle said...

Not bad eh, can impress gals at this young age.

Egghead said...

not impress... is show off! LOL!
my son does that too! but he just wouldn't share his stuff after his show-off session :(

Ricket said...

New skill mah, like to receive compliments to boost confidence.

King's wife said...

I think they like to impress others at this age, even if it is with the same gender. Want to make friends I guess.

Allyfeel said...

Zara's mama,
yalor, should put zara and bb together and see what spark will they bring. I think it's gonna be so super cute. :)

Hi, thanks for stopping by. Ya... we could share and exchange view in this blogsphere, that's the beauty of it. :)

I guess all boys also so vain vain one ha...Wei I thought you are die hard fans of Leslie??

hahaha...must be you always tell them don't touch mommy's things so they learn from you la.....LOL :D

ya lor, he is so natural some more. What about your girls? Like to impress boys or not?

Hmm...LS maybe 很大男人主意。He can touch people one, other people cannot touch his...kekekeke...

No new skill also like that wor...may be it's Vain la.

King's wife,
True also using his toy as a tool to make friends. So smart.

geetha said...

Fuyoo! Boys mah.. have to learn young ;) grow up got lot of competition.

I have two boys.. Will I see lots of these too?! *wonder*