Monday, March 20, 2006

Can you believe it, I was in Lee hom's mini concert?

I was a crazy mama, Can you believe it I was in Lee Hom’s mini concert in Sunway Lagoon? It’s not because I am a super fans of Lee Hom but a super fans of FREE stuff... My boss gave away free tickets with escort via VIP entrance to the concert. It was not a very good night; rain started pouring cats and dogs since 6pm in PJ.

I was worried about bb as he was very cranky the entire day due to lack of sleep. We traveled back to Port Klang to visit my parents and had “Ba Kut Teh”. A man who approached us to sell lottery ticket has scared bb. The man was very persistence even after we said NOT to buy; he went on to approach my maid and son instead and made bb cried so loud. BB was very upset and scared, I have never seen him so scared of a stranger before since he is always very friendly to people. He clangs on to me since then, I had to carry him during our shopping in Tesco Klang. I was thinking not to go to that concert but if I do that, my colleague is gonna kill me. Therefore, I had to oblige.

I dragged my heavy body to the concert. I got lost on the way to Sunway Lagoon due to bad memory and heavy rain. By the time we reached there, it was choked-full of people with umbrellas. We were stepping at the man made beach, my shoes and leg were soaked in sand and water…yuck! Fortunately, I managed to adapt very quickly and enjoyed myself with an ex colleague of mine. I had fun chit chatting with her. I couldn’t see Lee Hom very clearly so no sexy photo with him to show you…hah! However, I could hear his fans screaming crazily. He is a very hunky man with beautiful voice I must say.

After the concert, it took almost 45 minutes for us to reach our car park in pyramid. Gosh! The organizer only allowed one exit forcing a whole punch of us walking in big circle touring the jogging track, the Sunway medical centre towards pyramid. Phew! I was so tired after the walk. What an experience. I guess more research has to be done before leaping for my next free stuff.

Lee Hom singing...


Zara's Mama said...

I'm so envious!! I like Lihom very much, but never been to his concert!! You are so so lucky! But then stuck in the jam and so wet.. maybe not.. :P

mom2ashley said...

can you believe it? i've never been to a concert before in my life. period. ;)

michelle said...

Wow, I just read in KennySia's blog on his concert, now see this again here. Sorry don't have a clue who he is. Those were the days.

Egghead said...

online piracy ah? LOL!
lucky you ler... got free pass some more :P

jazzmint said...

wah u went ahh...I like his songs too, but didn't wanna go for the mini concert, shall wait for the mega one kekeke.

his songs are much better than jay hoh...

I've been to 2 concerts and 1 play so far, all Jacky Cheung. show's that I'm an ardent fan of his :P

Jesslyn said...

Me too, never been a concert b4..sob sob...
next time got free pass, send to me some ya....LOL!

Allyfeel said...

zara's mama,
haha..ya agree with you especially with kids around. I was contemplating not to go but aiks..already over. :)

may be you can go to one with Ashley next time. :P That would be nice.

hehe..he is an american born chinese, can speak fluent english and Mandarin, can sing well too. Aisay..I too very outdated, I get to know him from my brother. :)

I am too small of a pirate king la. :) Small bait my boss give out for us to work our ass off.

Jacky cheung hard core fans. I used to play his song over and over and over in the car until I felt sick. He is a mega good singer.

Sure, if I got I won't forget you. Can go with the girls ma. :P

King's wife said...

I am a fan also. He is a major babe!! i particular like his new song that you posted.

Allyfeel said...

Wah, cannot believe it la, he has fans from us "Si lai" group O. :)

blinka.Li said...

Hubby bought his CD lately. Me not a great fan of him and also prefer his old songs..:) mummy so funky go concert some more, ke ke shout loud loud going : li hong, wo ai ni! ??

Allyfeel said...,

me not his fans also la. Got free ticket just go lor. Aiya, if u r around, I might shout together gether with you la.