Friday, November 08, 2013

Power of numbers, Business Card Design & Consultation

Do you long for support, asset accumulation, potential, public relations, teamwork and financial freedom for your company? There is “art” in designing your business card to garner these positive energies. 

Name card is design according to Dr Oliver Tan’s Power of Numbers principles.

Design and Consultation Fee with 1 box of FREE name card (200pcs) at RM400 

For further enquiries, kindly contact: or call 0123623048. 

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

The journey of my Endometriosis and its diagnosis

It was in early April 2013 that I went for my peps mere screening. I hadn't done it since 2nd child's birth which was close to 6 years by now. My girl will be turning 6 this July. Well, there were many reasons - no time la, work is so crazy, hate the waiting time…etc that delay the routine checkup.

Well, at least my peps mere came out normal but during my checkup, my own gynae that delivered both my children were busy calculating how much was my total consultation and swiping my credit card in her room for payment. She was not quite interested in advising me about my cyst which was found on the left side of my ovary.

"You don't need to know so much, it will scare you away." She said. The cyst were about 38mm x 38mm in size. Some basic info such as cyst is very normal and found 8 out of 10 in women your age. ( I am going to be 40 this year). It's just liquid, you can either take it out (Surgery), or take contraceptive pill, nothing to be worry about.

Not satisfied with what she had said, I googled the net and found various info and so called "cured" that were trying to sell their own cream or supplements that will make cyst disappear while scheduling my 2nd opinion with another gynae. So there went my exploring journey of trying out supplements such as EPO, Fish oil, Vitamin E, Probiotic, chinese herbal soup - tong gui, pat chan. I took all these for about 1 month and I feel even more bloated and I put on about 2 kg of weight.

Not happy, I went to seek 2nd opinion on my cyst with another gynae. She gave slightly better illustration of what I have by doing a vagina scan. It was Endometriosis - blood cyst, she took out a ball (of tennis ball size).
"See this, the cyst is about this size in your ovary".
"Any pain?"
"I said, my previous gynae said it's a liquid cyst." Her smart answer was: Isn't blood a liquid?"
"Should I stop eating any food at all like diary, soya (hormone found), chicken (growth hormone injected)…?"
"I don't believe all these, if you believe, you can follow la"
She briefly told me how an hour surgery would have removed the cyst and 2 weeks mc will be given. So I went home and continue thinking about my problem and meanwhile scheduling for my 3rd gynae appointment recommended by colleagues and blog friends. By now I have already found out from friends that EPO, coffee, tong gui, pat chan is bad for me. I quit immediately and by the time I see my 3rd gynae, my weight has gone back to normal and I feel a bit better.

This time, it's a male gynae. He looked a little lethargic after a long day work and surgery but was very professional in his reply and explanation. He did a vagina scan, explained by drawing the type of cysts. There are 3 types of cyst. 1. usually water and thinner membrane, 2. Homogenous in colour and had thicker membrane, 3. irregular in size and usually cancerous. There are basically 3 things you can do now. 1. Take birth control pill or hormone pill, but it will make you feel drowsy and sick. 2.  intrauterine device (IUD), it will reduce your period blood to half a day each month so hopefully it will shrink the endometriosis. 3. Surgery, he started showing actual video of how the surgery is done behind him on the TV connected to PC and he shared stories of how his wife was diagnosed with a worse case of endometriosis and is on IUD for 8 years and no recurrence. I released a long breath. I think he can sense my difficulty in making decision. However, before anything else, I told him, I came in with my mind set for surgery , and it's even better that he mentioned about IUD. I told him, I will do both. My husband was not with me for these 3 consultations, he is just so tight up with work.

This period is quite a challenging one as my maid that was with us for 8.5 years had just left us in April. I had to basically take care of everything at home with a full time job. Quite challenging. Fortunately, it's not worrying as I have found the solution and I know, it will be ok soon.

I have set my laparoscopic surgery on the 2nd of July 2013. I am taking Nordette pill (it's causing my nausea) given by the gynae for 21 days after my 2nd visit during 2nd day of menses. By 23rd of June, I should be expecting my period. On the 1 of July, I shall be taking my laxative pill and by 8am on the 2nd, I am to be admitted to the hospital. I had been experiencing pain during the first day of my period through out these 1 year, out of breath, feel like shitting, cold pain at the abdomen, severe sweating and vomit sometimes. Thereafter, I usually look super Pale. (It's quite inconvenience especially the pain started just before a presentation or right after touching down from an airplane with a male colleague waiting for you while you spend close to 20 mins in a toilet).

By now, I have done my surgery and at the end of my mc and recovering very well.

Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Blood Type Diet, Weight Loss

I have always been fascinated with Blood type. I remembered when I was in secondary school; we used to read blood type characteristics to better understand friends, enemies and myself. To my amusement, it is quite accurate.

I just had a chat with a friend from Singapore, a University maid of mine from Australia. She has always been troubled by her weight problem. Drooling over handsome hunks and constant effort trying to tackle them with no results. She told me she had since loose 30kg in 3 months. I was like “WTF? What did u do?”

“Blood type diet,” she replied coolly. 

I have since bought Blood Type A book for my own consumption, my intention is not to loose weight but to be cautious of not to put on weight and stay healthy knowing what food is good and what food is extremely harmful for my blood type.

Can you believe it that Blood Type A's ancestor is vegan? All this while I was quite in tune with my ancestry root as I tried to eat more vegies and less meat. And blood type A do poorly on diary product, I have always not fascinated with milk that tend to make me nauseatic. I can find all the answers in this book.

Knowing what kind of food to prepare for my blood type O’s daughter and A’s son is easier now. 

Try it for yourself. 

Joseph Christiano Bloodtype Diet


Dr. D'Adamo's Blood Type Diet


Thursday, May 31, 2012

Review of Dianna Booher Book | Creating Personal Presence

Read from The Star paper today about Creating Personal Presence by Dianna Booher. It's really interesting. I even downloaded her free 1st chapter. What she said is so true, here is the excerpt:

Take Notice of the Tangibles
You don’t have to be good-looking, but that perception helps. What’s good-looking? Forget movie-star looks. Here’s what most cultures consider attractive: a symmetrical face, a proportionately sized body, clear skin, healthy hair, and straight teeth. 

Physical attractiveness results in a fatter paycheck. Particularly, taller people earn more money than shorter people. For both men and women, a 1-inch increase brings a 1.4–2.9 percent higher paycheck. For men, a 4-inch differential in height amounts to a 9.2 percent increase in earnings. According to Arianne Cohen, in The Tall Book, tall people earn $789 more per inch per year.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Free Numerology | Life Path Number | Numerology compatibility | Numerology Name

As a Chinese, I grew up believing that the number “4” is not a very good number, in fact it’s bad luck. In buildings, number 4 will be changed to No. 3A. House number 44 will be changed to 43A. Car number plate of 44 can only be seen carried by other races, not Chinese. The number ‘4’ in Chinese –Cantonese/Mandarin/ Hokkien/Hakka means “ć­»death.”

However, all over the world, you can see some minority of wealthy Chinese carried the number 4 in everything - car number plate, house number, office address, phone number so on and so forth. The question is, if it’s death or bad luck for them, how did they accumulate so much wealth?

That made me curious. I started researching about the science of numbers. It leads me to numerology. A friend of mine recommended a numerologist (I didn’t know the term then); I had my appointment booked, waiting list of 2 weeks. I was jobless at that time, no income, has plenty of time, very little money and desperate to know my destiny. I was open for anything.

When I arrived, I could see people queuing, some sitting on huge couch reading magazine, waiting patiently, a couple of young adults browsing for crystals displayed at a corner near to the numerologist. When it’s my turn, I was lead to an entrance of a refreshing garden; there was a room at a corner with heavy dark drapes. I unveiled the dark drapes to enter to a dim room with pictures of skies and stars. I sat down, Doris asked for my given name, frequently used name and date of birth. She pen down all these details in a writing book. She started calculating the combination of my name and numbers. She said, everyone is born with a destined number, it’s just like your identity card, and you have it for life. It follows you the moment you were born. I nodded.

Your life path number is “4” and “1”, better stay in a house that is “44”.
“Huh?” I was a bit stunt, disbelieve. Get a car number plate with “combination of “4 and 1.” I was already shaking my head violently at that point.  She mentioned a few more things. She also said that people with lifeline of 4 usually love number 8 and number 8 is bad for them, she uttered.

I was thinking, what if it’s true that these are all the good things that I have missed out?

Later, I told hubby about all that and guess what? He scolded me and asks me to forget about those stupid things. Feeling unhappy after getting scolded but had no choice other than trying to forget about it but deep down inside me, I wanted to try.

Few weeks later, I embraced the newly added character in my numerology name Doris help calculated. I got a few jobs offer. I took the one with better benefits and nearest to home. And one thing lead to another, I am getting my new car; my new office is located on level 3A. (4). I wanted a car number plate that is combination of 4 and 1. Husband refused but he bet on magnum (lotto) and to my and his own surprise, the number 4 and 1 strike and he won some money. He decided to pay for the customised number.

If you have been curious about numerology and want to improve your life, relationship or financial situation, try this personal free numerology calculation report to understand yourself better, get some guidance and hopefully some good changes will be on its way to you. Good Luck!

Sunday, April 01, 2012

Midlife Crisis? 52 ideas and activities for dealing with life's challenges

A meeting with some of my childhood friends during the recent new year was an enjoyable moment. It's been more than 30 years we have known each other. We are now stepping into our midlife. There are certainly many happy moments with our beautiful kids, good career, caring spouse and many more but there are also many challenges in life such as Change in our appearance, receding hair, worry for our finances and so on.

Well, I like and want to age gracefully, happily and positively. Therefore, getting to know how to handle challenges in this midlife is crucial. I have read this article recently and find them great, why don't you give them a try as well? 

Thursday, November 03, 2011

School Holidays Arts & Crafts activities in Petaling Jaya

Course No. 1

Learn to DIY Hair Clip for girls
Learn to DIY Hair Tie for girls

All materials included.
Time: Approximately 1 ½ hours
Fee: RM80

Course No. 2

Learn to DIY Bracelet for girls
Learn to DIY Necklace for girls

All materials included.
Time: Approximately 2 hours
Fee: RM110

Sign up for 2 courses above at RM 170.

Designed for school children, 6 years old and above.


Saturday, October 22, 2011

Something new

"Mummy, there is something in my mouth, here... ," pointing at a white spot on his gum. 
"Let me see"
Oh dear, a circular white pointy patch there, I touched it. OMG! New teeth sprouting out behind his healthy baby teeth at the bottom of his front teeth. 
"It's gonna be so ugly, new teeth has no space to grow, they grew behind, let's go see the dentist."

Daddy brought him to the dentist this morning. He was worried and horrified but getting used to it well. 

The end result:
RM100 for puling out 2 healthy baby teeth

How do I look, 2 teeth-less?