Monday, March 13, 2006

Ikea. Balloons. Pool.

We were at Ikea; I wanted to get a table lamp to work on my beading at night when bb sleeps. I let him play at a small children area in front of the customer service desk. He made friends with some kids there while me sitting at the long bench waiting for hub to finish his mail checking at the Starbucks. Our internet connection has been down for almost 2 weeks. He was very super pissed with the promising statement from TM net. “We will look into the matter” was what he gets for 2 weeks. I could hear him screwing them loud over the phone. Hubby can be very nasty at times. Again, who will not under this circumstance?

After half and hour wait, we walked over to see hub and bb pointed at a stall selling balloons in front of Starbucks. What lovely twisted balloon they have, so
colorful! There are flowers, pink panther, giraffe,
poodle, and many more. Bb wanted the pink panther with flower but it cost $4, a little pricy. “Why not we buy a packet home and we do it ourselves?” He nodded with a YES! It is $5.90 for 30 balloons. “You need a pump for these”, the owner said. “I think we have one at home,” I told him. They even sell VCD on how to twist the balloons. (I will blog more about those twisted balloons)

Hubby is ready for a walk. We walked to a place selling indoor swimming pool with netball gear. There are some dogs training going on further down near wet cement area of the pool. We headed to Ikea straight for dinner. I had Salmon with broccoli; hubby and Sri had fish and chips. We got bb meatballs. He played with kids around TV while we savor our dinner. I do not like to eat there, as foods are not nice, there are not hot enough. It is just plain convenient.

Hubby bought bb a float, he does not own one previously. He plays with his embedded float swimming suit normally. He had great fun there. I must agree with all mothers that kids get tired after a swim. I bought him and hubby donuts, their favorite and chicken floss bun for myself. As usual, he showed the counter waiter his charming smile and friendly gestures. We went home for spaghetti before hitting the sack.


Egghead said...

I think they should call themselves TMNut instead!

glad you guys had a nice weekend :)

Jesslyn said...

Look like KL lang like to go IKEA ya! Almost read all blogger went there during weekend! :P

geetha said...

I saw those balloon twisters.. really expensive huh!

At that time Champion was not with us, so didn't have to buy the balloon.

We too have a collection of those twisterble balloon. But before we can twist, both the boys will want to play with them.. So, as long as they like it, play like that lah :)

Lazymama said...

I have bought one poodle twisted baloon too for my girl but it wasn't last long. After two days, the pooddle become like worm only. :P


i really like the way you put up your pixs...the background is very inetresting-you draw them?

i agree ikea is a very child/baby friendly place and kids generally like it.

Zara's Mama said...

We are so dependant on our broadband line now huh?

But then, because of that, you managed to spend some time with BB outside the house. :P

mom2ashley said...

well i go to ikea or around th area as well cause it's the nearest place from my house.

Ikea is baby friendly - which I like. The designers of the place obviously designed the place with the intention to lure families and i think they did a great job at it eh?

Allyfeel said...

haha, so creative ah u? Add a nut in their logo also not bad hor? The internet is okay already last night. Phew! Finally!

ya lor, so near my house la and some things there are cheap and stylish. Very nice just to walk also. :)

It's not easy to twist ler. I had fear twisting them at first. But bb so gungho, pinched and squeezed the balloons. :P

Haha, so cool hor. I was thinking to buy the CD to learn how to twist ler. So next time got party can twist, twist and twist for kids guest. :)

two little fellas,
No, I didn't draw them. It was the picture on one of Ikea's wall where bb and a friend is pointing. I shoot them and photoshop it to the frame. :P

zara's mama,
Actually, I don't use much internet at home. Try not too. But hubby can't live without it. :)

You re so right. I love their signage even in the car park. They are so clear and user friendly. Why not hor, we live so near by. :)

Contented Mum said...

You bb so guai, tell him that you buy the ballons home and twist it with him, he allowed. Good bb, understand delay gratification!

jazzmint said... who cook the spaghetti :P

seems like BB is pretty easy to handle...bless u

blinka.Li said...

auntie hazel also bought her baby new float, bb can join KS swimming aleli..:)

Allyfeel said...

contented mum,
I was surprise too to hear him said yes. :)

used to be hubby who cooked but now the maid learnt to cook already. Thanks! Not really, wait till you see my next post.,
oooo nice, they can swim together lor.