Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Another comment of him

Gong Gong: Grandpa
Po Po: Grandma

Bb nasty commented on things around him again.
Saw grandpa in the car and pointed to his shirt, which has some paint marks.

Bb: Gong Gong shirt dirty, bb shirt clean clean.


Showing his love for the maid (kakak)

Bb: Po Po, carry…

Po Po: Why? Po Po tired, kakak carry...

Bb: No! Kakak tired, Po Po not tired.


In the car before going to the park bb told Po Po

Bb: Wait, don’t go! Wait for kakak.

Sun has set and park is getting darker, grandma wants him to leave. He refused and said.

Bb: Kakak, lights there (pointed to the streetlights), ong light.

Po Po: cannot find the switch here, let us go home and on light.

Kekeke…cheeky boy kena conned.


Bb starts to call people by their name, not uncle, not auntie, not grandpa…

In the pharmacy

Bb: Hi Mr. Chin (The pharmacist), XX Tan (grandpa’s real name) is coming.

Leaving Pharmacy

Bb: Bye bye Mr. Chin.


Egghead said...

my son will tell me "papa naughty boy!"... sigh!

mumsgather said...

The one where he ask for po po to carry and say kakak tired, I think is showing love for po po rather than kakak. Its an excuse to get po po to carry him. Smart boy. And so cute to call ppl by their name instead of boring old aunty and uncle. hehehe.

Zara's Mama said...

Haha.. so cute this little BB.. He sayang kakak very much?

Po Po is your mum right? They are the ones that help watch over him while you are at work?

geetha said...

So cute the one in the playground.. Wanna on the street lights :P

Agree with mumsgather. I think it was an excuse for Po Po to carry him.

blinka.Li said...

he is sure learning fast thanks to this mummy..very sweet. Quick quick get a girl before u start spoiling him ar! Who would not? so cute! :P

Allyfeel said...

kids don't tell lie wor, you must have done something very naughty to him...kekeke, and what is that?

Ya hor, come to think abt it. Excuse! Just hope that he won't offend people by calling their names.

zara's mama,
I think he is quite close to her. po po is my MIL. :)

haha...I laughed too when I first heard it. :),
Thanks! After you! Muaahahahaha!

michelle said...

Wow, I guess the DHA is really working. Kids are getting smarter.

jazzmint said...

haha..boy is cheeky, but Po Po lagi smart :P...

Allyfeel said...


I think his milk powder no DHA one, wah, if got, wonder will I "pengsan" or not.

popo is quite creative sometimes. agree with u!


Bb little conversations are funny- indeed a smart cheeky boy.