Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Don't disturb!

During dinner, mil was relating to me how bb has awareness of his little birdy bird and knows when it wakes up or sleeps.

Below is a conversation happened between Po Po, BB and Kakak.

Po Po: Do you want to pee?

Kakak: Let kakak see…

BB: Still sleeping, don’t disturb. (Referring to his penis not being erected) He Fans his palm outward to chase maid away- I didn’t know he can say “don’t disturb” haha...

If he wants to pee, he will say

BB: up oredy, pee pee....(run fanatically towards the toilet).

Saturday, we stayed home the entire day. Sleep, eat and play together.

Picture shown bb with his new underwear, wore it for a while only; seriously watching I think the Classic Mickey mouse show; Doodling using the art set I bought back then when he was not in this world yet. It's quite a good bargain for $10. It has two sets of crayon, color ink pen, color pencil, watercolor, a ruler, glue, a sharpener and brush. He was making good use of it by drawing on the art book and on his table. Gosh! ; BB having his ABC Alphabeto pasta; He starts learning a bit of ABC so I thought it would be nice to cook him some Alphabet pasta.


blinka.Li said...

he is sure learning fast! hehehe.....

Is he gonna turn to be a little artist like mummy and daddy ar? guess it is in the blood lor! :)

Egghead said...

a little too early for his puberty eh? LOL!

Ricket said...

Why not post some of his art work? I'm sure he is quite an artist.

Lazymama said...

Have a boy also lots of fun huh!

The birdy needs to be "up" to pee?

I think I need to read my old biology book already for being so ignorant!

Zara's Mama said...

Haha.. so cute the Birdie part! He can actually tell when it's up and when it's down. :P

Wah.. self feeding alphabet pasta.. what's in it? carrots shreds?

geetha said...

Hahahha, so cute. He knows how to tell when he wants to pee (seeing his birdie)!

I do the same. I usually try to guess, and run him off to the toilet (toilet training).

Once, when I told daddy Champion is gonna pee (after seeing Champion's birdie), he didn't believe me. He said he is a guy, he knows.. it doesn't work like that.

But, sure enough, I was rite, and Champion pee within a minute ...

maria @ twinsmom said...

*sigh*... when my girls can sit still like your boy drawing leh? my place got all the crayon, colour pensil fly all over the place, dare not to show them water colour *sigh*... your boy more si-man than my girls.

Allyfeel said...,

aiyooo, we all where got like artist la? But bb seem quite at ease with drawing though.

What do you think? :P

Check out my January archive, there are 2 drawings of his then you tell me if he is an artist or not? :)

No need No need to check, even guys don't know themselves. Just give birth to one. kekekeke..... *I want to smack myself, do u want too?*

zara's mama,
There are some bacon, mushroom, carrot, tomato, cauliflower shreds in it. Can't really tell rite?

OMG, daddy also don't know? Hmm...
Bb used to pee on the carpet, the floor and everywhere until I get geram. Now he can tahan his pee already with persistance training. Relief!

Actually yes la, he is quite si-man and shy in many ways.
No worries la, you twins are so clever and cute and creative! I think creative kids don't like constrain, they will excel one, no worries! :P

mom2ashley said...

well at least he'd tell you all when he wants to pee pee...i wonder when ashley will be toilet trained...?

Contented Mum said...

BB so cute, know birdie not up yet so not pee time!
He seem to concentrate well when drawing ya.

Allyfeel said...

It's still too early. I think female is easier, can just sit in potty and pee pee won't simply aim and mess up. Can you imagine having to cope with sticky pee everywhere? yuck!

Allyfeel said...

contented mum,
ya, mil has been teaching him those concept. KInd of not bad his attention span. :)


haha...BB sure have a way to communicate his biology needs...very, very amusing.