Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Our Valentine's dinner

We left home at 7:30pm for dinner at Bangsar. We only reached the restaurant at 8:30pm. It was so jammed last night; I bet it’s because everyone was rushing to town to meet their sweet Valentine.

Upon reaching the restaurant we were greeted by beautiful decorated rose petals and candle lights. Its Cava restaurant and bar, serve Spanish cuisine, special wines and cocktails. Only 3 tables were occupied at that time.

We then ordered entrée of half a dozen escargots with butter and herbs; I went for baked cod fish, and hubby a lamb shank. Coupled with beer, I know, how inappropriate to have beer in that environment. Anyway, the food came in a short while when we chit chatted away happily. Other Valentines slowly arrived and filled up the entire restaurant. The placements of tables were a little too close to each other therefore I was a bit coy to snap photos of my food.

We waited for a least half and hour before our main course was served. I was running out of patience, hubby jokingly said maybe the chef wanted to have personal “TOUCH” to all the food he serves. Come to think about it I did feel uneasy after my fish dish. Other than the food came slow, it wasn’t all that nice( my cod fish’s skin was burnt black) and it didn’t have enough room for privacy; we could hear other couples’ conversation beside us. Arrgh… so constrain, don’t like it!

Anyhow, after we’d finished out food, we could stay no more. We called for bill and to my surprise it totaled up to RM185++. Huh! I secretly told hubby I would never go back there again unless my friend treats me to. He said “hey girl, please don’t sound so cheapo”.

Later hubby told me “Victoria station” is better. He is a hard core fan of Victoria Station. Any big, medium, small occasion also loves to go there. I insisted to try new restaurant nowadays.

No offence, food was nice when my friend first brought me there in Cava but the space was a little too tight for me last night. Hubby said jokingly, “Oooi, not enough money to buy big tables, I can buy for you!” *Rolled eyes*

As we were about to leave, hubby asked for a heart shaped balloon for bb.

Well, at least bb was happy with the balloon and we both were good company for Valentine's day. What more can I ask? I think I will prepare candle light dinner myself at home next Valentine's day other than splurging money away like that. What do you think?


Lazymama said...

Wah, so romantic! Candle light dinner somemore! Not bad huh!

Ricket said...

Its very nice to be spending this evening in such a romantic place ya?

But candle light dinner at home with kids would prove a new experience for the kid too.

Zara's Mama said...

Wah.. so romantic one..
Who takes care of BB when you were having candle light dinner?

Btw, in Bangsar, I like to go to Telawi Bistro (the one at the corner). Food expensive, but really really nice. So we go only on special occasions.

Me yesterday was in Bangsar Village with King's Wife, should have gate crash you hor? :P

mumsgather said...

Fuiyoh, how nice. If can afford it and if service and food not that poor, why not lah treat yourelf, much better than slaving over the stove for a home candlelit dinner. ;)

mom2ashley said...

very nice candlelit dinner!

btw how did you come up with your header? did you draw it using photoshop? or did you draw it on a paper and scanned it? yes very curious.....cause if you actually did it with photoshop, I'm just wondering how you managed to draw with a mouse...?


forget about the food...forget about the service...just remember "It's Valentine and your hubby is with you ...having a good time together!"

i saw the traffic on Valentine's day and really wonder can anyone get anywhere on time?

MyLittleChampion said...

very nice... but cost an arm la.. wa, you didnt take bb with you ah.. good meh you like that.. anyway, belated valentine's day to you.

geetha said...

Wah, it nice that you had a candle light dinner. Sweet of you guys to spare that time for yourselves.

A candle light dinner at home would be special.. with your favourites, with your personal TOUCH.

I prefered my candle light 'breakfast' compared to any meal at a restaurant. It was more speacial to me :)

Jesslyn said...

Wow..a romantic dinner ya!

jazzmint said...

aiyoo..expensive and boh ho chiak!! I suppose that's the prob when it's Val's nite, the cooks are just too busy and standard drop.

hey, Vic Station, better don't eat the corn on cob if they serve to you. My friend work there as a chef before, he told me that they recycle the corn!!! Yuckiessssss

Allyfeel said...

Can be better I think if the food is better. :P

It was pretty cool :)
I think I will try cooking my own Valentine's dinner next year. Meanwhile I got to brush up on my romantic cooking skill first. hehe...

zara's mama,
the place is quite romantic but like I said it was too close. Spoilt my mood only la.

Bb was with MIL at home waiting for mommy anxiously.

Oh really, Telawi Bistro will try next time if got extra dol.

Ooi..ya men, u n King's wife shld have come to see pretty gold fishes in a constrain aquarium munching food. kekeke...

I hardly slave myself over stove, I think I like to do that next year. Let my hubby see how "Sun Fu" a house wife can be hor?

I drew the sketch on a leftover Chinese paper with ink which was half dry and scanned them. Then add color in Photoshop. You're right in this case only coloring was done with mouse, sketch was with my hand. :P

two little fellas,
you have a point there. I wonder too. Wonder any Valentine gets angry over the crazy jam..

Hey, thanks for stopping by.
yaya, I sold my right arm away, left with one. kekeke...

I can be cruel sometimes to bb but I love him very much. :)

Agreed with u! Certainly can't compare own husband's passion with an unknown chef. I prefer own hubs cooking too...

can say so la even there were some disattisfaction.

Oh serious?? Yucks, bb ate some just during the CNY! Oops!!!
I better forward what u said to hubs. I tak payah go there so frequent.

King's wife said...

sounds romantic leh. Never mind, once a year....

ugh! recycled corn at Victoria Station? Do they recycle anything else??

Allyfeel said...

King's wife,
That's what I told myself. :)

krazie*angel said...

cooking and have dinner at home can be very romantic too esp if u decorate the table and the place. have fun next year.

Allyfeel said...

I think so too with the rite deco and lighting hor?