Monday, February 06, 2006

Gong Xi Fa Cai!

Gong Xi Fa Cai! I have been lazy for posting. The long holidays officially end today for me. I am back to work sitting in front of a pc telling you my story.

Chinese New Year's Eve...

What was he looking at?
He was observing his daddy and uncle performed some prayer's ritual to ancestor.

Bb kicked ball with daddy while waiting for reunion dinner.

First day of Chinese New Year...

Bb wishing Daddy Gong Xi Gong Xi... received ang pow and hugged daddy.

Bb learnt the Chinese way of saying Gong Xi by putting 2 hands together and slightly shake them, in this case, he shake so hard...haha...

(Be der...Uncle in Hainanese) gave ang pow to bb. Each time he received ang pow, he will say "thank you" and immediately passed it over to me.

Ang pows from auntie pat in Melbourne, grandpa and grandma, daddy and mommy.
Candy from grandpa's friend.

Second day of Chinese New Year at Sister's house in Klang...

Bb and cousin both looked so shy. This little boy is my nephew.

Bb riding on his cousin's bicycle, he looked so grown up here.

Bb spotted a vintage car in ye ye's house. It belongs to a guest of my sister, mommy snap snap photos, it would be cool if bb and mommy can go for a ride in that cool looking car.

Friend's house...

Bb and mei mei, friends daughter. Hey b..this is quite a stylo milo pose...

He loves this toy outside mei mei's house

Auntie cheryl's place...

Bb had fun splashing water to Kai Xiang, auntie Haz's son. Kai Xiang, first time in open pool, auntie Haz a bit nervous... relax baby, he was doing so fine.

In the restaurant having dim sum with daddy's friend. Bb "kao Lui"...kekeke

Daddy's gambling buddy auntie vicky's house...

Hey... this gal looks so familiar??? Yay, its Ashley baby, mom2ashley was there too. Ashley slept soundly like a princess.

At home last night...

Influnce by grandma (maternal) , mommy prayed to "tee kong" for prosperity and luck.

Chinese New Year is a very auspicious occasion minus the cleaning. So lazy and tense if hubby ask me to clean this clean that.

Other than visiting and hubby gambling, we watched lots of dvd at night.

Time really flies,

It's a brand new year...
It's a brand new starting point...
It's Monday again... yawning....
I have a brand new age...
Hope it's a grand good year
Happy Chinese New Year!


blinka.Li said...

got maid to clean, why so tense?
wah, got time to watch DVD some more? not bad! sounds very relaxed ma!
bb grow so fast, amazing!
Yes, let's hope it will be a good year for us all! 'wang' 'wang' 'wang' !

jazzmint said...

gong xi gong xi...looks like BB enjoyed himself :)

the candy looks yummy too kekeke.....

and u sudah become momashley gambling kaki?? Don't tell me u are another colleague of hers, I'll sure faint!!

blinka.Li said...

btw, the candy looks so nice! tau mana boleh beli ah? next year can buy as gifts to friends.

geetha said...

Looks like bb had a fun CNY. A lot of visitng, a lot of ang pow lah!

He looks so grown up, especially on the bicycle. Nice eyes.

You guys should have just sat in the car, at least take a photo :P

mom2ashley said...

hey...ashley & bb....they look cute together! bb looks soooooooo much like you!!!!

King's wife said...

sigh...back to school, back to the office. For me, back to the car...
but I'm sure it was a good break for all of us.
Happy chinese new year!! (again)

Zara's Mama said...

Wah.. Mummy so pretty one!
BB kao lui photo and the stylo-mylo photo very cute.

And he made so many visits to places huh.. lots of fun!


BB is a total resemblance of you! So cute with those round sparkly eyes.

Yeah, back to work is no fun at all but i wish you have a new exciting year ahead.

Twin said...

gong xi gong xi! i just got back to work too. Have tons of pics to put in the blog but have not had the time to put in yet. Need to organise my thoughts first. 2 whole long weeks of break really makes me lazy!!!!!!!!!!

Allyfeel said...

Aiyoo, even though got maid, you know la my hubby sometimes can be so demanding, he creates tention around us.

Ya..not bad la, all the dvds really entertained me while hubs is out to gamble.

Yes, he has grown so much even I couldn't catch up. You rajin sikit la quickily make one baby out. hehe!

Yes, Wang, wang, wang, I like it. :P

Oh the candy, I think it's from one of the hotel in KL. So you want to buy one for me? :)

Gong Xi Gong Xi, ya, he had a great time but told me he was tired all the time.

No la, I am not one of your colleague la. Vicky is a friend of my hubby and mom2ashley. I went there just to see baby ashley, and meet up with mom2ashley.

aiks...should have done that, nvm bb has a nice pic of the car for rememberance. :P

hey ya la, baby ashley is soooooooo cute. She has a sexy mouth ler, if grown up to have ur height and look, sure "tin sei yan".

King's wife,
The city is getting busier again, it must be stressful to drive under this heat hor? Anyway, a happy doggie year to you and family.

Zara's mama,
hehe, "pai sei la...:)"
aha..I like those 2 cheeky photos too. :P

I guess he enjoyed himself but complaint to me tired all the time. He said "mommy tired" while rubbing his eyes. Probably he got too excited.

two little fellas,
Gong Xi gong Xi!
Thanks!Hope he is not sissy look too much like me...hehe!

Same to you too, have a great year.

Gong Xi Gong Xi!
Wow, 2 whole long week for break? my oh my, I would be lazy too if I have that kind of break. Waiting for your pictures k? :P

Lazymama said...

Gong Xi Gong Xi! Another pretty mummy blogger!

BB has very nice and smooth hair huh! He looks so happy in the photos!

Allyfeel said...


Gong Xi Gong Xi!Hey, you are pretty mommy also. :)

Ya, he was happy. His hair is very thick like mine but a little too long, I need to trim it for him. The father wanted it this long, but I can't stand it anymore. I need my scissors right now! Arrgh...