Friday, February 24, 2006

Doggie Post Card

A Post Card for Creative Post Card club, Round 32. It's supposed to due on January before Chinese New Year. My lazy butt just picked up its mood and start creating it last weekend.
Its paper cut out of Mommy dog and baby dog cheering for the arrival of the Dog Year.

Wow! Wow! Wow!


Egghead said...

CNY already over lor :P

Jesslyn said...

still in cny mood?:P

Lazymama said...

That's very nice!

I alway amaze and envious to peoples who has creative mind. Me, don't have any!

mom2ashley said...

it's really nice. so what do you do with them? do the postcards actually get printed with the pics your submit?

Zara's Mama said...

You created this??
Wow wow wow.. I'm impressed!

Contented Mum said...

Wah, you so artistic huh, can come out with such nice postcard! should have get it out earlier so can sell as CNY card!

blinka.Li said...

oi, u know something call 'selling' or not? start to do some of these cards for next year (oink oink year)and stop complaining you have got nothing to do lor! love it. nice

krazie*angel said...

this is nice. glad to know that u r still doing this after so many years. it is a great hobby.

TWO LITTLE FELLAS said... you take up courses to learn this or its in-born?

geetha said...

Nice card. You are very creative. And very hardworking too...

jazzmint said...

wahh so nice lehh...I guess this is freelance for people? hmm..Are these the postcard they always give free at those rest? I collect those nice ones hehe..

envy envy creative ppl :)

King's wife said...

wah, u are really artistic and creative...

Allyfeel said...

egghead, jesslyn,
ya lor I know. Just for fun mah, already created.

Thanks! Everyone has creative mind, I see ur photos very creatively done what. :)

Thanks! Actually it get published in the creative Post card club website and may be later in books or T.shirt. It's more like a hobby.

zara's mama,
yes, Wow me! heh heh!

Contented mum,,
Ya, Thanks for the suggestions. Hah hah If the time is right, may be can sell hor?

ya, I find pleasure doing it, thanks! :)

two little fellas,
I went to art college la last time. Now, I do it for hobby only. :P

Thanks! :P Am I very hard working? Hah Hah.

No la, I don't do freelance. It's for leisure and hobby only. You collected a lot of stuffs arr? :)

king's wife,
Thanks! I wish I am as creative as you. :PpP

maria @ twinsmom said...

very nice, you so creative :D, love the dogs :D.

Allyfeel said...