Thursday, February 16, 2006

Playing rough (Battle between mommy & bb)

Bb and I were playing rough last night after dinner. He got so mischievous and grasped my hair real hard. Ouch!

He had a string of my hair on his tinny fist. I was angry(pretended),“B, stop snatching mommy’s hair” I blasted. As usual, he ignored and continued the pulling. Guess what I did? I grasped a handful of his hair behind him and pulled as hard as I could.

“Painful?” I asked him. He gave me a shy grin. He refused to give up; I again grasped his hair full of wicked expression; of coz with hard core pulling but without his hair landing on my big fist.

Finally he gave up, guess he must have felt the pain. Hooray! I won!



ha..ha..way to go mummy!!!

i will just tickle Matt till he run to hide and for Brad, all i need is to ignore him...he will come crying...he is definitely a mama boy-cannot stand me ignoring him..

Jesslyn said...

Hey, Lyon too play rough with me! I pretend very pain & cry non-stop, then she gave up & keep sayang my face...hehe..

Zara's Mama said...

Wah.. like that also can?
I normally will be like Jesslyn, pretend to cry, until she comes and sayang me.

I think girls will be different from boys.

mom2ashley said...

i guess he didnt know how much it hurt until you did it back to him...which, in a way will make him think before he does anything stunts in the future..

King's wife said...

that's the way....reciprocate the pain. LOL
hope not too much hair fell off!

MyLittleChampion said...

aiyo.. poor thing.. but well taught lesson... next time he dont dare to do it again ..

Lazymama said...

I must try, I must try!

My girl loves to pull and scratch my hair too and she likes to do it in the public and made me look like a witch! Must give her a lesson! *evil grin*

Allyfeel said...

two little fellas,
I know I was so mean. :)
sometimes I do that, tickle him away and he would laugh non-stop.

jesslyn, zara's mama,
Guess what? I pretended to cry, he just smile. "bang balls!"

Boy tend to be more rough. He likes it rough.

haha, I can bet 50 bucks with you, he is gonna repeat it.

king's wife,
Non that my naked eyes can see, hehe!

we were just playing, I know he will repeat it as he loves the roughness. :P

Allyfeel said...

if you can be as wicked as me, go ahead. haha, it's really fun. :PpP

blinka.Li said...

No wonder you start complaining having lesser hair LER...:O !!! (joke la, still thick la, u exaggerating only)

geetha said...

Hmmm, i already lost enough hair after delivery. I hope my boys don't start pulling my hair.

You know, I just tell Champion that I won't friend him when he is up to something naughty or doesn't obey me.. and he will not do it.. (most of the time).

I think he scared that I won't talk to him ,and will only manja lil' President.

earthember said...

Wow! You're fierce. ;) My son used to do that, but I didn't even think of doing the same to him. Fortunately, he stopped after a while.

Egghead said...

way to teach BB how to fight hor! LOL! next time... use pillows instead!

Allyfeel said...


aiyoo, we were not fighting la. Eh but pillow is a great idea. hahaha!

krazie*angel said...

he is a boy! rough is their style. and he will grow up strong and able to take care of himself.

Allyfeel said...,
Haha but lots of gray hair already. that's true!

Hey Champion is so easy to talk. So obedient.

I can be cruel sometimes but I lovee bb very much. :)

I really hope so.