Friday, February 10, 2006

Ooops! Falling in love with the same sex!

I have recently watched a movie called “Brokeback Mountain” by Ang Lee. I watched alone at night while bb was asleep and hubby went out playing cards with his pal.

It was a slow movie. I turned on the subtitle in English so that I could get the message clearly as I don’t quite get those words if they speak with slang or too fast.

It’s a tale of two cowboys who fell in love with each other back in 1963 when the term “gay” was never heard before. There are lots of sexual scenes, kissing and hugging between the two men. Not sure how other men would take it but my hubby fast forwarded those scenes. He said “Yuck” while watching alone on a separate occasion. I enjoyed every scene and was deeply saddened by their sorrow and emotional suffering.

I asked myself what I would do if it happens to me.
How you would take it or react if one day you secretly found out that your beloved son or daughter’s lover happen to be the same sex? Is it gonna be yes, no or?

"If you can't fix it you've got to stand it." That is the dilemma faced by two cowboys


blinka.Li said...

I can accept that if my friends do have this problem but not to my daughter/son I am sure....hmmm.. btw, u pirate lil fellow, can pinjam or not?

Lazymama said...

For other peoples, I think I can accept but for my own child, it's bit hard to imagine!

To a mother, the most important issue is her children can lead a normal and happy life.

King's wife said...

hard to's easier said than done.

Heard it's a good movie. Won some golden globe awards.

Jesslyn said...

No! No! No! I dun think I can accept this happen to my girls!

TWO LITTLE FELLAS said... what others said, all parents want their children to lead the normal and happy life and it's hard to imagine the otherwise but....i guess most importantly, we want them to be happy...even if it doesn't turn out the way we wish for them.

Zara's Mama said...

Hmm.. Not sure how we'll react, but I guess if you really love them, you just want them to be happy, no matter how unusual they get their happiness from.

mom2ashley said...

i was just reading about this movie..i think they won a couple of awards for this....would love to catch it..

Ricket said...

I can't stand the idea of man touching man. Yucks.

It will be sad if any of my kids be like that.

Allyfeel said...,
Oooiii, don't call me that la, u want me to kena tangkap ke? Can pinjam, u r in queue no 2.

Agreed! A NO for you too!

King's wife,
True, don't really know what to do till it happens.
Oh yes, The last I read about was it won a best director's award and has 8 nomanies for Oscar.

two little fellas, zara's mama,
I share the same oppinion or thought as you two. If my kids has tried and he really suffered and I think I will give in as long as he or she is happy in life. I know, it sounds terrible!

go watch them, interesting.
Ya, think it won best director's award and 8 nomanies for Oscar.

Hi, thanks for stopping by. Yes, I understand what you mean from my hubs expressions. Hopefully it will never happen that way. :)

By the way, your 2 Princess are so lovely and cute. Happy Belated Birthday to Ally!

domestic rat said...

I suppose as long as my (future) children are happy, anything goes. No one wants to be borned 'different'. It's not a choice they make but rather inherent in them. If you believe, the Almightly Being we called God had a reason for them and their inclinations.