Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Big Tummy?

As I was changing and getting ready to send bb to the maid this morning, he laughed pointing to my stomach.

“Haaa, mommy, big big tummy”

“What? Me? Big tummy?”

Ugh….find me a wall, I want to bang my head. My 2 yr old boy was saying I have big tummy. *Sour face*


Egghead said...

wah! maybe he is hinting for a sister or brother :P

Jesslyn said...

What a notti boy hor, know how to teasing mummy!

geetha said...

Wah, can already see such things ah.. He must be comparing with some one ;P

blinka.Li said...

aiyo leng loi mummy, sour face not pretty liao la!

Zara's Mama said...

aisay, BB yai yai loh.. make mummy so sad..

Gee, I have to get ready for such comments in future also hor.. but now when I ask Zara mummy big or small, she'll always say "smo" :P

TWO LITTLE FELLAS said... yaiyai lil BB...maybe like what egghead said "hinting for a sis or bro"...

earthember said...

haha, he probably was just teasing you. My daughter used to do that to me when she was younger.

mom2ashley said...

ha? hahahha.....but kids dont lie wor..hehehhe...hey..I also got big tummy lar!

Allyfeel said...

ya rite! Before got sis or bro already is big to him. Can't imagine when I really got liao. *shake head*

I wld be happy if he tease me, unfortunately I think he said the truth...haha!

I think he is comparing his and mine. Can you believe it, he compares our car to others as well. *shake head real hard...o o..I c stars ***** :P,
aiya..not sour face also not pretty one la.

zara's mama,
Zara is such a sweet girl, knows how to sweet talk mommy. Are you sure you didn't teach her to say that? :PpP

two little fellas,
hmm... still not very ready yet. Hope soon.

Haha, all kids do that to thier mommy?

Unfortunately kids don't lie. I am working hard to loose the fat tummy but I can't resist yummy food. Arrgh...

krazie*angel said...

tummy is always the biggest problem to me, i am skinny all over but my tummy can grow. darn.

jazzmint said...

kekeke...time to tummy trim liao :P...tell BB mahh...u lorr, always ask Mommy to eat so much food...and you lorr...never sponsor Mommy go gym, faster go ask daddy sponsor Mommy go gym kekeke

Allyfeel said...

But u still look skinny la, cannot compare with us that already gave birth hehe...:)

gym arr? got la, daddy got sponsor but mommy lazy who else to blame? MYSELF!!! *Mega Sigh*