Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Ball it!

The other night while I was reading newspaper, bb tried imitating me. He took the newspaper on the dinning table and started pretending to read and describe ‘em. Then he saw this pic of a soccer player…

“Ball it”


Bb what are you saying? He pointed at the picture and said “ball it”.

Then the maid told me he meant “eat ball”, he was trying to say the soccer player eating the ball. Haha, bb the soccer player is “kissing the ball” not “eating the ball”. Okay? *bb laugh*


Lazymama said...

hahah! we have to guess what they said sometimes huh! "ball it" so cute!

I likes your new blog's banner, very cute! You created the graphics yourself? So talented!

Allyfeel said...

yes, most of the time but it kind of gets better and better as he started to talk non stop. :)

Yes, I created it myself. Thanks! It's a fast visual.

Contented Mum said...

Your baby so cute. Is both exciting and scary at time when the little one imitate us ya?


you made the banner- oh, that's so creative. very nice.

Bb is so seriously reading the paper...something good to copycat from mummy.

jazzmint said...

kekekke...makan bola :P...

Allyfeel said...

contented mum,
Tell me abt it. I once heard him said "Fuck". Scare the hell out of me. Actually he mean fork. kekekeke....

Two little fellas,
oh glad u think so. :)
yes, he better be, he is such a lazy bum, doesn't like reading at all.

so stud stud hor?