Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Daddy's creative pack

When we reached home from dinner last night, bb and I raised our eyebrows and looked at each other curiously. What is that? *No sight of daddy, it was his soccer day out last night*

There is a creative pack and flowers on top of a moon lamp. (Auntie Cheryl, thanks for the lamp, I finally use it after my old lamp spoilt)

It was a belated V-day present from hubby. Ha-ha! I did not expect him to get me anything. I gave him a doggie coin bank to keep his daily coins as a V-day gift. He needs one.
Nevertheless, I was delighted that he returned me with a nice thought gift too. Now I know why he asked me over the phone earlier in the day that whether I use facial tissue and who bought the Royal blue toilet paper. He-he, cheeky hubby, hey the wrapper looks familiar? It is my wrapper, isn’t it?

left: my doggie coin bank for him/ right: His doggie toilet roll holder for me to wipe my face daily. :)

Btw, the flower is supposed to be for prayers today. He is funny.

Book sale
Hubby and me bought some books from the Times book sale as well. If you don’t have a chance to go yet, it’s still not too late. It’s good bargain. My nose was very sensitive to dust mite, I didn’t stay long, just enough time to grab some books for bb and my future reads.


Egghead said...

is better late than never!
the two gifts really deserve each other :)

Zara's Mama said...

Aiyo.. your hubby really thoughtful la..

Btw, I saw the Dog that spits out tissue also.. very nice.. wanted to get for my house.. but it doesn't go with the deco in our house.. *sigh*.

You got quite a lot of books too.. Some more got cook book..

Btw, you flip through the Fairy tales series (I bought them too)? I thought the words were a bit too difficult for a kid although the drawings are very attractive.

Allyfeel said...

Ha-Ha..really 嫁狗随狗. :P

zara's mama,
shld be okay what, I saw ur home from the long as u like it. :P

That cook book ar, hubby bought one saying I can cook for him and bb. Aiks..I think he knows me super lazy.

Ya..I just relate the story to bb to get his interest not so much of reading the words. He won't hv the patience to listen to me read.

mumsgather said...

The doggie gifts so simple yet sweet. Awwww... Year of the Dog summore! kekekeke.

michelle said...

I like the wrapper!! I want to go to the books sale..:(, too bad none in Penang. :cry:

jazzmint said...

wahhhh...u also went to grab books...hmm hope i can go one of these days since Atria is so near my place.

hehe..that tissue holder and coin bank is so cute..very matching hoh

Jesslyn said...

What a thoughtful & romantic guy!! You are lucky!

Allyfeel said...

Thanks! I like it too, sweet and simple.

I know you like books. :) Make a trip here la to relax relax a bit.

yes you should go to the book sale, look michelle wants to go also cannot. :P

Thanks! I am counting my lucky stars. :)

blinka.Li said...

I like the tissue holder! so cute. I love dogs anyway.

Yii, I thought auntie cheryl bought the lamp for deco in bb's room wo..?!

geetha said...

Very sweet of daddy.

I saw that doggy too. It's cute.

Hmm, how come I don't know about the book sales ah? Where is it this time?

Contented Mum said...

What a pleasant suprise you got! Nice gift and practical too!

mom2ashley said...

i've seen the tissue holder at the shops. It's cute.

where is the book sale again?

Allyfeel said...,
Hello ..."tiea kong hor, ji gei lamp si wa ae birthday present ler??"

geetha, mom2ashley,
The book sale is in Atria Shopping centre. 1st floor at the old parkson there. I think until this weekend only.

contented mum,
Thanks! :P

MyLittleChampion said...

aiyo, everyone is talking about the doggy tissue thingy... where to get la??

Allyfeel said...


I think in 1u, new wings. Not sure the name of the shop though.