Tuesday, February 21, 2006

FGS Dong Zen

We finally took a drive down to FGS Dong Zen(佛光山东禅寺) last weekend. It’s situated in Jenjarom, Banting, Klang. We departed PJ around 5pm; it took us an hour before we reached there.

There were overflowing of cars and chock-full of people. Never expected so many people in a temple, it’s more like a tourist attraction. There was puddle of rainwater here and there after a short drizzle which make it inconvenient to walk. We have to find a dry spot or stone to land our feet by not dirtying our shoe.

It’s a humongous temple. We were greeted by a gigantic Laughing Buddha at the entrance. Paper lanterns that had been filled with well wishes were hung all over the place. Pretty decorated flowers and green garden is everywhere. Apparently it’s the last day of showcasing the CNY festivity, flower cars, dragon, lion dance, wealth God can still be seen here even the CNY is over. Bb was very animated seeing the dragon and lion dance again. He swayed his body to the drum beat. There were so many people that hubby had to lift bb up above the shoulder.

We visited the statue museum and prayer hall as well. Bb spotted balloon and kept asking for one. Daddy had no choice but to find the balloon seller. One balloon for RM 3, whao, I can buy one whole pack already.

After so much walking, we were all desiccated. It was time to have dinner. We popped by at this huge vegetarian food canopy to grab dinner. We had vegetarian mee hon soup with flour made fish ball coupled with cooling candol and mango lo. Bb wasn’t eating well the entire day and was very tired by then.

Before we blah, I had to go to the loo. Ugh….it’s that kind of portable toilet and RM0.50 to enter a dark box with no water? Well, I guess there were way too many people; they had to lock their proper toilet not wanting it to be soiled.

According to hubby, Dong Zen donated 10 million to the Tsunami victims. They are rich and of course generous. This should be encouraged.

“Home, mommy home” bb announced his wish. We headed home at 8pm. Bb slept snoring away in the car. It was a delightful but late day out.


Egghead said...

you went there ah? my family wanted to go on Chap Goh Mei one... but decided not to coz we knew a crazy crowd will be there :)

Jesslyn said...

I saw some picture in Milly blog too! Look nice la the temple!

Who can show the map for me?


that's a beautiful photo of BB- wow, very professional..a new camera?

the temple look nice but too crowded for my liking...but great that you post it up so that people like me can enjoy without the hassle :-)

Zara's Mama said...

Ah, now CNY is over, maybe I should bring Zara there.

Still worth it after all the flower this and that is gone?

blinka.Li said...

some friends said it is definitely worth a visit there. Just don't have the urge to go, like what 2 little fellas said, thanks to the nice pictures. :P bb is looking more and more 'man' now, ke ke.

jazzmint said...

wah wah...i think it's worth a visit minus the crowd and jam...wonder if next year got or not. I got to know this only from my fren who went photoshoot there...

if not would have sure drag my hubby and faythe there...good experience hoh :)

wHOisBaBy said...

Bb looked very serious and mature in that picture. What exactly capture so much of his attention?

I've never heard about this place before. How far was the drive to this temple?

Allyfeel said...

ya, it was packed with people coming from entire Malaysia but I think it's worth seeing.

try this 联络电话:03-31911533/ 78776533 ask them for the map.

two little fellas,
Hehe, with my skill can cheat as a prefessional shot ar? Nope, still using my old camera.

zara's mama,
well,I think so, it's so huge. Minus the crowd is even better.,
oh well, may be next year we could organize a trip there with the gang. :) Haha, man ar, good thing.

Not bad indeed. You shld hv follow ur friend to look see look see.:P

You can still go now. I think it will be nicer also without the crowd but not sure got food or not.

I think he was looking for Lion dance.
It was about 27km from Klang.

geetha said...

The temple sounds like a nice one..

The photo of bb definitely looks good.. somebody is turning professional oredi *ahem*

MyLittleChampion said...

wa nice la this place. wanted to go during cny cos heard alot of friends talking about it but the mad jam, nope! maybe we can go during weekend.. leave the house say about 8am... but very hot one isit that place?

mom2ashley said...

i didnt know that there's a such a place thoough....anyway glad that you all had fun eh?

Allyfeel said...

haha...hey by chance one, out of 20 photos only got one look like this.

my little champion,
come to think about it, yes very hot. Must bring more water there if you plan to go.

It was a last minute decision to go as we were so bored staying at home the entire day. before CNY, there were articles abt the temple in the paper.

krazie*angel said...

nice place. must go there one day. thanks for the post to let us know of this place. share more pix wif me when u r free ok.

Allyfeel said...

okay. YA, you can bring ur "KWai Lou" friend there as I can hardly see any Mat salleh there. said...

Wah! Nice Photographys :-D

Allyfeel said...,
Thanks! Your website too has beautiful photographs. Are you a Photographer?