Friday, February 10, 2006

Fun at Gymboree

Bb was so excited and overjoyed when I brought him to attend Birthday party's of Kai Xiang in Gymboree. For the first time he met Gymbo the clown, he was so amazed that the clown came alive, refuse to approach the big size clown in the beginning. But later got use to the friendly Gymbo and sat beside her for some song singing and gesturing.

He ran non stop later while all adults were having refreshment. He loved those balloons so much; he would get hold of two on each hand and released them within 30 sec to the ceiling. He would ask anyone around him to get him the balloon again. These went on for more than 20 times, can you believe it? I then tied 2 balloons around his waist and wherever he goes the balloon followed. He loved it, and I was free to feast upon those delicious snacks. Phew!

Birthday boy…

Bb singing with Gymbo the clown


geetha said...

That's looks like lots of fun. He sure seemed to have enjoyed himself.

So nice.. he joined the sing along, right beside the big clown..

krazie*angel said...

I want to go. I want to go. I want to go.

If only we have gymboree for adults and not gym for adults that are torturous and narcissictic :P

anyway, allyfeel, I tagged you. so, please.....thanks!!!

Allyfeel said...


ya.. he was overjoyed and he slept so well that night itself. It was nice to see him so contented.

Allyfeel said...

Hey Krazie*angel, I have been tagged the same meme by Zara's mama. Take a look at my previous post. :P

Metria said...

haha bb is so cute! Krazie Angel, why don't you set up a Gymboree for adults? Sure laku one.

blinka.Li said...

yiii, so sweet! he is not shy at all and so sporting like the mama! :P like mother like son lor!

Lazymama said...

BB so sporty! He looks so happy in the video!

Jesslyn said...

What a nice place for kids ya...sure all kids enjoy being there!
Bb so good hor can sit beside the clown & sing with him too!!


gymboree is an "in thing" for the kiddies nowadays ...and it's a good thing coz it bring so much fun for the kiddies.

BB is a such sport ...not at all intimidated by the crown...

Zara's Mama said...

BB is so cute singing along. And his action is so 'exagerated'.. haha..

I haven't brought Zara to gymboree before.. maybe I should.

The place was closed up for the birthday party?

Allyfeel said...

ya ya, ask her too since she is so free.. haha!,
Hey of coz, like me better ma, ever ready for adventures!But not ture la, it takes many lessons before he became this sporting :)

Thanks! haha, yes he did, very much till don't want to go home.

ya, it's a nice place for kids to socialize. Unfortunately they only have it in KL, otherwise you can bring lyon & wien there too right?

two little fellas,
yes in fact they just revised their programme, now they even have Yoga kids. Interesting!!!

zara's mama,
haha, he is a bit like me, got very exagerated gestures sometimes. :)
Yes, it was so u r to bring zara, give them a call first.

Why not? It's really fun, I am sure Zara will enjoy it with lil friends