Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Sleepy toodler

In my previous post, bb slept snoring away. Check this video out, this one he slept hovering around the car seat. It was one of those hectic CNY visit to friends house.
He was extremly tired.


Zara's Mama said...

Alamak, so poor thing.. but so cute!!

I think lots of kids during the CNY were in the same state.. with parents bringing them running from one place to another.

Btw, is that sexy lady Mummy? Phew-Weet!


ya-ah, is that sexy mummy-ah????

BB look so cute "ngan jai look look"...

wHOisBaBy said...

Soooo Cuuuuteee!!!!

Jesslyn said...

Aiyoyo...Bb's eyes so big & round! Sure is a handsome boy when grow up!

geetha said...

So cute, the way he looks around, even if he's soo sleepy and tired..

Sleepy.. Look out,
Sleepy.. Look out,
Sleepy.. Look out. :P

Big eyes too..

Egghead said...

so so tired...zzzzzz!

man! that must be helluva comfortable seat!

Lazymama said...

So cute and so handsome!

BB is good boy, at least he didn't kick a fuss. My girl sure will scream her lung out if getting too restless.

blinka.Li said...

cute! he was suddenly so alert at the ending part. The round round eyes looking left and right so cute! :P is it before reaching auntie cheryl's house? hot day la!

mom2ashley said...

ai yoooo poor boy! so tired....

michelle said...

Wow, he can open his eyes big big and doze off.

Allyfeel said...

zara's mama,
ya lor, his sleeping cycle also screwed up. Only picked back up these few days.

zm & two little fellas,
Yes lor, that's the "Big Tummy" mommy. Sexy? or rather sexy because of fat? Ha Ha Ha. :)

Can't wait for yours to arrive rite?

Big eyes like me when I was young. But hopefully he won't give me trouble of girl friend issue when he grows up. :P

I know, me and hubby laughed when we see such moments. Thanks!

Don't know abt the seat, never sat on it before but I sure know he was super duper ZzZZZZZZ.

TQ! In this case he seems good. Other times, he gives me grief too.,
Yes, auntie Cheryl's house, so Hot, HOt, HOT!

ya...he will hv to blame it to both of us naughty parents. :)

Looks like fake sleepy hor?