Tuesday, October 10, 2006

A Special Day

I am very delighted today. Because I have again donated blood for the 3rd time in my life. In addition, I am even happier as it’s my birthday today. Hehe…I just thought it’s so meaningful to do such thing in my special day. I just went out for lunch with some colleagues and received well wishes from ex-colleagues. Daddy, thanks for the lovely gift too.

That's 350ml of my red blood. My hubby don't even dare to try. Hehe!
Conclution: Women are more brave than men. Agree?


laundryamah said...

wow! u should have told me it's ur bday leh, then i wud try to make my way there! Happy Bday! nevermind ler..sure got chance one...hehehe..

michelle said...

Bravo Ally. I cannot say the same for me, because my hubby is the one who always donate blood and me, haven't yet. Not enough blood. :(

jazzmint said...

eh u sure u got enough weight to donate blood kah..

me can't donate ler, thalasemia carrier :(. Daddy is a common donater (dunno how to spell). He donated blood so many times and at a lot hosp!!

happy birthday ;).

blinka.Li said...

not with my hubby though. He donated many times liao.
women are bravier than men in certain ways, not all circumstances so that the world can still go turning round and round.....:P

jesslyn said...

Habby Belated Birthday, Ally! Thumbs up for u ya!

Me underweight , cannot donate, also scare to do so lar! LOL
But my hubby is a frequent donator!

geetha said...

Habby belated birthday, dear..

Way to go! We are proud of you. Even if I am fit to donate, I don't know whether I will have the courage?!

But presently, I can't donate :(

Annie Q said...

Happy belated birthday Ally!! Should tell me earlier mah, than we can hv lunch together!Donate blood,me only do it once, that is like many many years ago!! Scared lei! After donate can see all the moon & star come out liao! haha!

Sasha said...

Happy Birthday!!!!!Happy Birthday!!!!!Happy Birthday!!!!!Happy Birthday!!!!!Happy Birthday!!!!!Happy Birthday!!!!!Happy Birthday!!!!!Happy Birthday!!!!!Happy Birthday!!!!!Happy Birthday!!!!!Happy Birthday!!!!!Happy Birthday!!!!!

Tracy said...

Happy Birthday to u, Happy Birthday to u, Happy Birthday to Ally, Happy Birthday to u.

Happy Belated Birthday.

Women are braver than men? I don't think I dare say dat for myself (heehee). Wish I dare to donate. 350ml - not very much hor?

Desperate Mummy said...

Wau ...ur birthday is on 10 Oct? My one is 11 Oct. Happy Birthday to u !

Allyfeel said...

Hehe...thanks! Yalor...I should have told u hor may be u will treat me a free lunch...aiya...wasted. :P

michelle, sound like most of my friends when I tell them to donate blood :)

Ada cukup kut. Good for ur hubby, my one very chicken about all this one.,
agree agree...yin and yang must be balance. :)

Thank you! Wow, I think from the comment here, more men donated blood than lady ler. :P

Thanks! Are you pregnant already? :P

annie q,
Thank you, I have plenty of chance to "wat" you for lunch la. kekekeke... Ei..if I tell u donate blood can loose weight, will you do it? hahahhahaha!


Thanks for the birthday song :P

yalor..I think small size women only allowed to donate 350ml, if bigger size or men, usually is about 500ml.

desperate mummy,
TQ and Happy birthday to you too. Do you have a blog? I can't see any link in your profile.

King's wife said...

aiya...late late late!
Happy Belated Birthday to you!!

Blogie-Talkie said...

Happy Belated Birthday,,,
Aii,, double ten, Taiwan also celebrate this day.

Zara's Mama said...

Oct 10th your birthday!! Wow... easy to remember hor.. and good that you donate blood on your birthday.

Desperate Mummy said...

Hi! I'm now trying to create my own blog. U know new kids on the block need sometimes to learn.By the way, I'm working at PJ too.