Friday, October 27, 2006

Deepa-Raya holiday outings

I had been cracking where to bring bb to during the Raya Holidays. Daddy’s car has some problem and we can’t really travel far. Since It was a bright and breezy day, we finally decided to bring bb for a real train ride. He loves “Thomas and friends tu tu train” so much, we gladly drove all the way to Kelana Jaya to catch the LRT just to let the little one experience it.

As expected, he was delighted riding it, pointing his fingers to scenes outside the LRT. We paid two-way tickets of RM2.30 from Kelana Jaya to Universiti station.

Later, we stopped by at a food court to have our lunch. I didn’t eat because there isn’t any vegetarian food available ( I am on vegetarian for 10 days). Bb asked for a glass of watermelon juice. He makes so much fuss and wanted a new juice without ice, well it’s all my fault la, I trained him not to drink cold drink, so had to deal with his fussiness. I ordered a new glass for him, this time without ice. He happily sip sip sip until can’t take no more, it was half empty. He gave it to his father. I think it’s not nice at all as they add a lot of water and sugar, not much of watermelon taste. Later, I spotted a vegetarian restaurant near by so we stopped there to have lunch again for me.

After lunch, we headed for KL Bird Park, the World’s Largest Walk-in Free Flight Aviary. It was a relaxing walk; the sun was hiding behind huge clouds making the entire journey very enjoyable. They are a pair of cage bird near entrance, I said hello but they didn’t reply. The last time we went when bb was still very young, those birds could say “Hi, Hello and even Asalam Mualaikum” haha!

We could see peacock roaming freely in the park. Some big, some small, some not much hair or father, some blur blur and shitting. They are Mandarin ducks, owls, Pelicans, Hornbills, and Chicks etc. We stopped by at a playground near the bird’s performance stadium. Bb had some great time there. He yak none stop, he was quite sleepy and asked to go home until he sees the playground. Suddenly, he was awaken by the colorful slide, swings and many more. Actually, I couldn’t remember much of the park coz it was a little bored for me. Well, but at least we brought him out to the nature instead of staying home watching TV. We left home before the downpour.


Jesslyn said...

I remember wien also very excited when first time on LRT. When reach tunnel, she said: now we enter mouse house already! LOL...last time we purposely drive to KL and later let her experience the train ride ler!

laundryamah said...

wow ya Kieran too! Haven't been on the LRT since the incident when my hubby nearly got pickpocketed from KLCC. Wah must blog about it la...

Oscar's Mommy said...

wow, i took oscar for a lrt ride too on one of my BORING holiday! he enjoyed it just like bb. hmm, must go bird park too, been to the zoo so next stop, bird park.

jazzmint said...

wahh u trained him not to drink cold drinks..that's very good ler..envy envy.

haha i think the bird very sien oredi to greet people maybe :P...would love to go there one of this day, last time wanted to go, hubs say bird flu

huisia said...

Why suddenly being "vegetarian"? Oh, me so "3-8". Yeah, better have some fresh air rather than watching tv at home, me now always bring Jo to park, like what you said, i don't like him to watch tv till fall asleep.

Desperate Mummy said...

Hi Ally, BB must be very happy. By the way, u on vegetarian for 10 days is it because of the chinese "9 Wong Yeah"?

blinka.Li said...

aiyo, was that picture at the bottom side U or your BB? hahaha. Well, thanks for the holiday lo, got family outing. :) BB must be very happy.

Sasha said...

normally small kids like ice...this BB very good boy

geetha said...

Champion loves train rides too. We brought him on the commuter.

He loves Thomas too.. I guess they have a lot in common at this age :)

Twin said...

he must have enjoyed a lot there. They even haf bird show isn't it .. nice .. kids really love it there. He's really grown now. :)

Allyfeel said...

Wow..u guys are really cool parents.

Ya...the experience is really cool for kids.

Oscar's mommy,
Bb came home and made peacock sound. kekekeke....

I started very young. Until now, when he hears cold and gassy, he won't want to touch except vitagen.

It's because of "9 wang yea".

desperate mummy,
Yes the Chinese "9 wong yea",,
y? He looks very much like me meh??

geetha, hv lots in common and made us mommy learn what they like too. :P

ya..time flies. Actually this is our second trip except he is bigger now.