Friday, October 20, 2006

Papa, I want a new bicycle.

While examining his bicycle, bb called his father who had just reached home not long ago.

BB: papa come, can you buy bb a new bicycle? This one is too short, this one too small (pointed at the paddle), bb cannot ride.
Papa: Okay.

Mommy who came to know it later still cannot believe what he has said.

Anyway, hubby wanted to buy him one on his birthday, he just has to wait a little longer.


BB was playing with his lil’ birdie until it became hard while resting on a bean bag seat. Mil called and told him “Bb, you cannot play with your birdie, later when you pee pee, very painful one and ants will come and bite bite.

BB responded: “BB not playing, I am only touching it.”

Mommy: Kekekeke.....

pic shown above is his old bicycle.
Update 2:09pm
Bb called during lunch.
BB: mommy, I want see mommy...
Mommy: Mommy working, I will see you tonight okay? You be a good boy okay?
BB: I cannot Tahan mommy....
PoPo: Let popo talk to mommy
BB: eeeeeeeee.....(start showing sound of wanted to cry and miss me so much)
PoPo: He was playing ABC matte, when it reaches the Alphabet M, M for mommy and he wanted to call you.
Mommy feel damn touch.


Sasha said...

Play with Birdie???*pengsan*

Contented Mum said...

Big boy oledi, know how to request for thing that he want!

laundryamah said...

awwww so sweet the part when he wanted to see son is not that close to sad.. :(

jazzmint said...

aiks playing with birdie!! aiyoo...looks like next time i gotta worry bout this also

1+2mom said...

boys are like that, my son also like to play with his birdie when he sit there watched his VCD but not often lar.

Twin said...

hello. long time no visit .. been bz. Hmm .. play with birdie ... normal la ... my son also does that ... not too often but when he's naked .. the first time he does it was when he's 15 months old ...its only natural. :)

mom2ashley said...

he's such a big boy now huh! and very sweet that he wanted to call you when he reached "M".

Annie Q said...

so sweet of ur son,melt ur heart lei!! when he said "i want to see mummy"..cant wait till my sons tell me this..heehee

Allyfeel said...

Jayden will have his chance soon...hahaha!

contented mum,
It's good and bad lor. Good is we cld tell what he wants, bad is he cld be very persistent to having what he wants.

why ler? You spend less time or he jealous u only like cute korean guys??Kekeke....

yalor..actually they started quite young, I have to remind him or distract him from that act. It's kids sex fantacies gua...:)

hehe..I wonder girls do that or not?

ei..yalar, quite true's truly fascinating seeing it eract may be...kekekeke...

Yup. I am so proud of that ler. hehehe..but actually I showed a lot of affections to this lil boy one. That's why he is a loving boy also.

annie q,
well, no worries, ur heart will be double melting when both cruz and fearles tells u that. 开心到飞起来。:)

huisia said...

Same here, little jo loves to play his birdie too. Is it born innately?

huisia said...

Oh, forgot to say this, he is so smart to retort back !

Tracy said...

Haiyo, BB playing with his birdie? So fast becoming a big boy?

Next time round, teach him dat M is for Money. Heeheehee.

Allyfeel said...

I think it's a kind of fantasy. Ya the naughty boy very clever to find excuses. :P

He always play with his grandma's coins and he pays the shopkeeper money to buy ice-cream. *rolled eyes* :)