Thursday, March 16, 2006

More conversation with bb

I brought home HL low fat milk. BB wanted to drink; he loves this fresh milk very much. He asks Sri to get his cup and tear the seal. This is his routine motor skills exercise. He then pours the milk into his blue cup slowly and steadily.

After a while, I heard sound of something fell off from the kitchen, went to check, milk spilling on floor and table. Never mind, I did not scold him but told him to be more careful next time. 2 minutes later, “ping pong” cup and milk on the floor again, spitting milk out from his mouth some more. Argh! That’s it, he did it on purpose. I smacked his palm hard. He stared at me half-guilty, half-cheeky.

Me: BB, good boy don’t do this, say sorry…

BB: Sorry kakak

Me: Say sorry mommy…

BB: Papa

Me: Say sorry mommy…

BB: Papa

Me: “B” (raising my voice), stop it, say sorry mommy

BB: Sorry mommy

Me: Say I won’t do it again

BB: I won do it rgain.


BB: Knock Knock Knock Knock…..kakak open the door.

Kakak: Kakak in the toilet, wait…

BB: Stupid, open door.

*Speechless* I don’t know where did he learn that word from, I never taught him that. *sigh* did he pick up the words from the playground? The other day I heard him saying “farker” when he was angry. I hope he meant fork.

*Picture taken on last sunday. He put on his backpack his popo gave him and told me bb wants to go to school.


Egghead said...

rough kid! ask him to join my son's gangster lah... LOL!

maria @ twinsmom said...

you sure your maid didn't say it? or your neighbour? do your neighbour quarrel sometime? because my BIL's neighbour quarrel, and my nephew did pick up one or two bad words.

geetha said...

Kids pick up very fast. I actually have to warn my nieces and nephews not to say those kinds of words.. but how much (or how long) can I protect him?!

Sometimes they know what they do is wrong, and try to make us more mad. I also will not let him go until he says his sorry.. unless he is so distracted ;P

Zara's Mama said...

Alamak.. said stupid! And farker.. Yikes!

He very cheeky huh? Say sorry to everybody except you. :P


your post reminds me of the instances i used to have with my kids.

Mummy to Brad: call mummy.
Brad: Daddy
Mummy: call mummy
Brad: korkor
Mummy: call mummy
Brad: yeh-yeh
Mummy: call mummy
Brad: mah mah
Mummy: call mummy
Brad: Daddy
on and on....
he will not call mummy if ask.

whenever i encountered reckless driver..i tend to curse "stupid or stupid driver" out loud...Matt picked it up and start saying "stupid".
mummy to Matt, "Matt, don't say stupid-not good"

when i accidentally cursed "stupid" while driving, Matt will point out "Mummy, don't say stupid-not good"

well, at least he is doing the right thing.

Jesslyn said...

Wow, must teach him not to say bad word again! he must be heard someone said it!

He is angry with u, that's why refuse to apologize with u...hehe, who said kids not smart nowadays?

Allyfeel said...

hehe, got chance can, see who bully who. :)

errm, I think may be he heard either my hubby said it or the maid. Hubby sometimes say "stupid" to other drivers when he drives. Oh deer, I have to ask him to stop.

ya, sometimes they are just so unforgivable but we forgive them too. :)

zara's mama,
yap yap, really 给他气死了!

two little fellas,
Hey, I like the way you teach Matt. I will adopt it. Thanks for sharing. :)
Matt is a smart fella.

I think so, he just refuse to say sorry to me because I beat him. But after I hugged and sayang him, he is find again. Kids, quite easy to please also sometimes. :)

Lazymama said...

Boy still boy! He didn't cry at all when you beat his palm!At last the winner is still mummy!

My girl will cry very loud if I beat her palm and she won't say sorry but keep asking for daddy!

mom2ashley said...

i hope for your sake that he did mean "fork"...

Allyfeel said...

jefferene, manja daddy one? Perhaps that's the different between boys and girls.

yup! Don't want to bring a kid that speaks dirty words around. Thanks! :)

MyLittleChampion said...

i dont think he meant fork! kids pick up really quick... i 'try' not to use these words at home. not just words, actions also. when hubby sometimes kissed me on the cheek, oscar also wants to kiss on my cheek.... and imitate lots of other things which is beyond our imagination!!!

Contented Mum said...

Sometimes, really don't know when and how they pick up words so fast. What to do, got to be extra careful loh