Friday, March 24, 2006

Hard to say Good bye

It is hard to say good-bye to bb nowadays, he has so much of awareness that he does not want to let me go every morning. Yesterday, he was so very upset, hung on to my leg and cried so badly. I was as usual late for work and not in any good mood to entertain but this time I shouted at him. Oh God, what have I done? His expression changed drastically, he reached out his hand for me while tears were rolling down fast to his cheek, mucus flowing out from his nose. What a poor boy who has a Big BAD mommy. Sometimes I wish I could be a 24x7 mom. Ohm…It must be hard for him to see me go and have to wave bye bye to me after all that crying. I am so sorry darling.


4pm, I was in the Jabatan Pendaftaran Negara to collect my MyKad. It is ready finally. I went straight to counter eight upon reaching the crowd free department, what a contrast from few months back. Civil officers were leaning back to their seat and happily chatting to each other. Women with fruit still in his mouth asked me impatiently “Apa ini?”(What is this?) “Saya nak ambil Mykad” (I want to collect my MyKad) I replied. “ Awak tak tau baca ke, counter 18, depan”. (You don’t know how to read arr, its counter 18, in front).

Even if I misread the counter number, why was she so rude? Can’t she just reply politely? Does she have to insult people in that rude manner? I did not say much just walked to the correct counter and sat down waiting for my turn. However, after a while my blood started boiling. I should have asked for her name and threaten to launch a compliant for her rudeness or just give her a nice long lecture. Being a nice Malaysian, I just forgive and forgo that tiny little issue and swallowed it as if nothing has happened. GOSH! I just hate myself sometimes letting these monsters enjoying their rudeness.


Egghead said...

oops... reminded me to change to MyKad... also reminded me why I still didn't wanna change it... LOL!

jazzmint said...

wow so rude eh...must report her lah, they suppose to give a smile to the customer. Very teruk attitude.

Twin said...

Poor poor boy. Yeah ... really rude. Agree with Jazzmint ... report her. These type of people have to be taught a lesson.

geetha said...

Cannot expect much from them, isn't it? But I thought they were improving already?

MyLittleChampion said...

aiyo.. poor bb. every morning me too having a hard time saying good bye to oscar. that is why i called him like 3 - 4 time a day. kids nowadays are very smart, they know they will have more fun with mommy and daddy around. its especially hard to leave them when they are asleep cos they smell real good and you also wonder if when they woke up, will they miss you as much as you missed them? Agree!!! Report her, even you took your mykad also return and report her!!!!!!!!!!

Zara's Mama said...

We sometimes forget and lash at our kids.. aah.. we're only human.. Just have to limit those occassions to as few as possible.

As for the lady.. give her the benefit of doubt.. maybe she had a bad day at home, her baby clung on to her when she wanted to go to work.. :P

This is M'sia.. get real!

mom2ashley said...

poor bb....

gosh! we shouldn't let them get away with that kind of horrendous behavior! even if they had their own problems at home....we shouldn't take it out on others right??? ggess...the lady was talking to you as though she was shooing a stray cat away or something...I'd definitely snap back at the lady. nowadays i know that if i dont say anything, i know i'd regret when these kind of situations comes, i'd try to defend myself.

blinka.Li said...

baby still so clingy hor? maybe he will not when he start kindy later...hmmm

RUDE! millions of advertisement for the effort to educate them - still fail! why? have u heard a govt servant sacked by the boss??! :O

Jesslyn said...

I encountered few times this kind of situation lor!
Where to report them hah? Will their superior entertain our complaint or not?

clair said...

Don't worry about it, allyfeel, it's just a phase kids go through. You can actually sweeten the deal by saying goodbye and then having someone distract him as you're leaving. Kids generally have short attention spans. Once they're occupied with something else, it's easier for them to let go. Easier on you too, no guilt trip ;)

michelle said...

Tim also cry in the morning, giving lots of excuse not to go to school. But when we reached school, he stopped crying.

If I am a SAHM, maybe I start to cry every morning...:P

Ricket said...

This kind will need to fight fire with fire. Be more fierce, and ready to make big hoo-ha.

Allyfeel said...

Guess you are not all that "kiam siap"...hehe...rather avoid the crowd and pay to make ur MyKad. :)

AGREED! But a bit too late ler.

I guess not all of them are like that.

Ai... you are rite la. I sniff my bb hard at night before he sleep. I think they do miss us also. Bb will wait for my arrival home in the evening. If I don't go back, he will look outside the house very often.

zara's mama,
I am trying to control myself more.

The lady definitely not having a bad day. She was chuckling and enjoying herself with colleagues before attending to me. I shld have to sound her. Argh, too late to regret. I am over with it.

I will take ur advice. I will do that next time but just hope it will not happen to me again. :),

I think bb wasn't feeling well.

Cannot understand them la... forever so bloody rude one.

I don't know also la. I guess to their superior on the spot.

Yup, I've already done that. Hope he is getting better and better and not leaving me with plenty of guilt that I can't carry no more on my drooping shoulder. :pPp

HAHAHAHA! You funny la.

I was just thinking it was such a small matter. Guess it's not. Does these things happen in Singapore?