Wednesday, March 22, 2006

28 months

Got this template from Jefferene, hope you don’t mind. This is my 2nd time doing it. I think I would also like to make it a point to update on bb’s development. BB is 2 years, 4 months, 0 week & 4 days old.

Physical growth
Weight: 11kg
Height: not sure

Physical development
He is very lazy to walk now. Ask to carry all the time and quoted “Bb tired, mommy not tired, mommy carry”.
Improved motor skills can kick football with daddy and kids older than him, he could throw ball using one hand too.
Developed more muscle now especially in his upper arms.
Love to jump and bounce high up with the help of us.
Love to spins his body until he gets dizzy. The other day, he got over excited, hit his head over a glass tabletop while spinning, cried non-stop.
Still does not like to put his feet on the bicycle paddle.

Eating habit
He drinks 4 – 5 bottles of milk per day (200ml each), 2 or 3 solid meals in between.
He only eats a lot if the food is nice, mainly inclusive of pasta, porridge, rice, Mee Hun.
Eat fish, fish ball, chicken, pork, and sometimes beef (don’t really like), love carrot, and some vegetables like corn and snow peas (his current favourite), spinach, cauliflower, broccoli, cabbage, long beans.
Love star biscuits from Garber, honey star cereal, bear chocolate chips, Rocky (milk) and if he sees a Pringles, he will demand for it.
Soya Tai fu Fa is also one of his favourite.

Social development
Love to make friends with kids older than him. He is very friendly to adults too especially “Leng Lui”. His secret weapon for attention grabbing is his sweet smile.
Love to blow flying kisses as well. The other day in the pool, he blew flying kisses to a French woman until the woman came over to say hi.

Speech development
He is able to count 1 to 10 on his own, 11-20 with our help. Yesterday I heard him counting with mil's maid in Cambodian language as well. *Sounds funny*
Call people by their name if he knows their name. When ask what is mommy, daddy, gong gong, po po, yeye’s name. He can quote our name. haha! Good if he get lost in the shopping mall, can announce our name in the speaker.
He will say “I dosh know” in order for me to fulfill his wish doing this and that for him.

Other development
He is able to obey a time limit for playing our cars and bath time.
Still drinking water at night and prefers it warm. Poor mommy has to cater to him, don’t want him to get dehydrated.
Likes to read storybooks with me and watch less of his vcd now.
He is able to tell when he wants to pee during daytime, and can hold it if he is in the car…Oooo….no good, I was thinking to get a mineral water bottle for him to pee in the car, just slot that little birdie inside and cap it after done. There would be No spilling and No hassle! Hah! Anyone already doing that? Good?


Zara's Mama said...

BB big big boy.. and very clever.. always get mummy to 'walk' for him.. 'do' things for him huh?

I bet he won't like kids Zara's age now.. nothing to impress.

Btw, he has his full set of teeth already?

Jesslyn said...

Wah, u guys got to pay Jefferene for the copy right reserved wor...hehehe..

Did he start on WHY question yet?

michelle said...

First time I hear children love to eat vegetables, spinach too.

MyLittleChampion said...

aiya, very impress with bb la. oscar is few months elder but still acts like a one year old baby.. must copy your temp and post liow. dont mind ah?

jazzmint said...

wah so young oredi start to kow lui kekeke...definitely a woman killer :P

Lazymama said...

DD doesn't sound very picky eating mah, at least he can eats a lot if foods are nice!

So young already started to prefer lenglui! So clever!

Boy is easier to settle the pee problem, pee on mineral bottle is definitely workable! :P

Allyfeel said...

Zara's mama,
I am being manipulated. I think not yet, his 2nd molar is sprouting out I guess. He started biting his blanket lately and stick his finger in his mouth.

No yet ler, he will say things to impress us but haven't ask why yet.

Spinach has been added inside his food.I think he doesn't mind.

Go ahead, after all it belongs to Jefferene. hehehe...

women attracted to him okay la, cannot be a killer, got to go to jail for that la.....hahahha.

but you know me, cannot cook very well so he ended up eating very little. Die!

Yalor, how do you settle yee ching's pee if in the car?

geetha said...

Its good when he knows how to tell when he wants to pee. My, my, he knows how to 'tahan' alos ah? Very good, but not good.

Hehehe, mineral bottle.. good idea.. but make sure you dispose it well ;P