Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Time with bb

Just to capture some development of bb.

Lately, bb has developed a habit to poo at night before he sleeps. When he wants to poo he will shy away from all of us. He will go to a corner and suddenly we won’t hear a thing from him, silence.

“Where is bb?” I will tease him. Usually he will gesture us to go away and refuse to leave his corner or cave until his business is done.

Me: “Yee….smelly bb, come mommy wash wash”
Bb: “No…” gesture me to go away
Me: “Why? It’s so smelly, come go to the toilet, mommy wash”
Bb: “Not yet…” shake his head hard.
Me: “ok, ok, when u r done, tell mommy okay?”
Bb: "okay"

I continue closing my eyes resting on bed while bb roaming around that small corner in our bedroom quietly.

Last night, after washing, cleaning and changing, it’s time to sleep. Bb came very close to me, very caringly put her sweet mouth on my nose and kissed gently. He repeated it two times and smiled before going back to sleep beside me. So sweet, my heart melt, I sang to him and watched him sleep.

This morning, while I was still sleeping, bb woke me up. “Mommy, baju wet wet”, exact words from bb. His diaper is too full; it wet his top and pants a little. I changed him and kissed him good morning, he replied “morning mommy”.

Mil has bought bb a box of junior color pencil. These are his creation.

This is Mr. Ally’s depiction of me in yoga action.


A-Li said...

oh so sweet! haha, he will grow up to be a romantic person. :-)

geetha said...

Hey, my son also will stand in silence when he does his business. When we ask him whether he had done his business, he will say NO! A big no. So that we won't bring him for a wash.

I think they feel shy that they are doing something 'smelly' ;)

And, if my boyz shirt a bit wet also, he will say 'wet' and we have to change him. Same same lah, the boyz...

mom2ashley said...

ya i heard from some mothers that kids are very shy when they wanna poo and will hide in a corner or hilarious..

jazzmint said...

how come gotta hide and poo poo? Wah ur hubby can draw caricature, cool :). Both oso as talented, sure BB will turn out to be good in drawing too :)

maria aka twinsmom said... to hide when doing big business liao? big boy lor....

hye, I have a lot of those "picture" on my wall.

Zara's Mama said...

Hey, he does his business in potty or on diaper?

I don't know how to start getting Zara to sit on diaper ler. She still doesn't want to do it.

BB so clever, diaper full already know how to ask mummy to change.

Mummy's drawing very good ler. Yoga pose drawing nice.

Sue said...

clever boy :) and so sweet to kiss mommy during bedtime ^_^

Allyfeel said...

haha..hopefully so his wife will be lucky loh. :P

Oh ya, they are all very similar ah.. perhaps they think pooing is dirty therefore shy when we approach.

haha.. now only I know so many other kids out there shy away when they poo poo. Hilarious indeed!

I think he shy so hide to poo loh. haha...he simply doodle one, he said it's ugly wor, I said it's ok what, told him I want to post em. hehe...

Big boy liao so I can be more relax. Oh God! I hope he doesn't sribble on my u must have a hard time cleaning them huh?Chinese New Year is coming, just paint them la.

Zara's mama,
He does his poo in diaper or standing up without diaper. He doesn't like potty. Training him to sit on Toilet seat now. Not easy ler with this stubborn head.

BB can communicate more now but again depends on his mood also. No good mood, No talk. *rolled eyes*

Thanks! That was hubby's doodle not mine. I will tell him, he think it's ugly. :P

Thanks! ya..I just feel so in love with him. Try to say I love u to him everynight and before leaving for work. He will reply "uf u" :)

King's wife said...

hubby's drawing good wor. like from comic strip...

Allyfeel said...

King's wife,

Really arr? If I tell him, he is sure to Kembang one. Thanks! :P

Lazymama said...

So sweet! BB kiss mummy on her nose!

I like BB's painting, I have some from my girl too.

YChing doesn't like to sit on potty too!

Allyfeel said...


Thank you! I think all kids doodling are somehow attractive to me like they are telling an abstract story to us. Don't you agree?

Wonder why, may be potty too low?? puzzle??