Tuesday, January 24, 2006


Daddy: Sri (maid), buat Milo.
Bb: In the kitchen riding his bicycle. “Sri….buat Milo” mimic the father, finger pointed to shelf that contain Milo. (Very assertive like a boss)

When Milo is ready, he asked for his blue plastic cup and waited for his share of Milo.

Daddy poured milo to bb's cup one spoonful by one spoonful

Daddy: 1, 2, 3, pause….then?
Bb: repeat after daddy - 1, 2, 3,…… responded to daddy - four

Daddy: 5, 6,
Bb: 5, 6

Daddy: 7
Bb: can’t wait no more, 7, 8,

Daddy: 9, 10
Bb: 9, 10…..haaaaaaaaaa, gulp, gulp, gulp.

happily consumed his Milo.

He gulped down three cups of Milo.

photos taken with daddy's camera phone.


Zara's Mama said...

He loves Milo?
Zara doesn't like it. :(

BB can count already, so clever!

geetha said...

Champion doesn't like it too. He is so stuck to his milk. I tried giving him Horlicks, but he didn't even drink it. Smell and gave it back.


ai-yoh, my 2 kiddies never try milo before...still pretty much on their milk.
i'm gonna let them at least taste it tonite :)

Lazymama said...

Wow, 3 cups of Milo, that's a lot!

My girl likes Milo too!

mom2ashley said...

hmm...haven't given ashley milo before though..

Allyfeel said...

zara's mama,
Initially he doesn't like it, but daddy offer him each time he drinks. He had learnt to like it, now must have his share when daddy have milo. :P

Kids learn very fast, I just count the steps each time we go down stairs and sing the little finger songs, he just picked up. Amazing!

haha...I thought kids only reject black drink? Horlicks? It's been a long time since I last drank Horlicks.

Two little fellas,
hehe...really ar? Let them try but most kids dislike the brown color beverage. Hope they like it.

3 cups of half full milo. Not a lot la but he drinks lots of water and milk and liquid nowadays until his tummy also "kembang" one. hehe :)

No rush for ashley, she is still so young, milk milk is better for her.

jazzmint said...

wahh..3 cups of milo that's a lot!!! Must have loved all that chocolaty taste hehe...

Contented Mum said...

wow, good huh, your hubby take the milo opportunity to teach him counting, Clever boy

King's wife said...

3 cups...a lot wor! the little tummy can take so much? must feel very 'jeong' after that.

Allyfeel said...

Jazzmint, King's wife,

yea..he loves m&m too. It was 3 cups but all half full one. :)

Contented mum,
Hi, thanks for stopping by. Yes, it's kind of nice that father spend such quality time with this naughty boy.