Monday, January 16, 2006

Nerve-racking Friday the 13th

I had a nightmare last Friday evening. I was supposed to go Pasar Malam with mil, bb and maids but since I had a disagreement with hubby and wanted to talk it out so mil, bb and maids went off first.

After my heated discussion with hubby, I stormed off to the pasar malam to buy some grocery for weekend. Still angry, while walking I bumped into mil. She was all nerves, I asked her what happened. She said two maids and bb were missing, she asked them to wait in front of the keropok stall while she grabbed some Assam Laksa and when she turned back they were gone. Worried sick, I called for them and also asked the keropok’s stall lady boss. All said no sign of two maids and bb.

I walked up to the long and narrow road of the busy pasar malam, looking around anxiously. I almost burst into tears when I don't see them. The road was so busy, but my heart just dropped and everything seems so giddy right in front of me. I was so fretful; my mind started playing tricks on me. “What if bb got kidnapped by the maid”, “What if they took him away and I never see him again.” “bb, where are you?” “bb please, where are you” , “God, please help me to find bb”. I was like a mad lady walking about frowning.

A girl approached me, “Would you like to do some charity for the less fortunate?”. I was thinking, “Okay GOD, please help me to find my son”. Right after taking out RM10, hubby called, informed that maids and bb was home safely. Phew!!! I was relief instantly. Still trembling a little, I handed over my RM10 to the lady in exchange for a cheap looking tooth brush. What an expensive tooth brush. No complaint, it was for charity.

Apparently, it was a misunderstanding; maids thought mil asked them to bring bb home first.

To BB…
A misunderstanding really made mommy's heart-broken. But Thank GOD, you were okay.

Mil and myself
Promised each other, either one of us has to carry bb when we go to the pasar malam, not the maid.


Zara's Mama said...

Aiyo.. sometimes I'm like that as well.. When I asked maid to wait for me with Zara while I go take the car, I always fear that she may jsut carry Zara away and I'll never get to see her again.

But I still continue to do that, b'cos sometimes rain or too sunny, I go & take the car and pick them up right in front of the shop..

Next time really have to be more careful and try to avoid doing it.

geetha said...

Phew! That must have been a real heart punching experience.

I try not to leave my kids with the maid alone, whether in or outside the house. She will always be watched or heard. If there is sudden silence when I'm bathing, I will call out to her... Crazy huh!

But, I have also taken my chances. Can't help it isn't it. But tried not to take away my eyes on them..

Don't take anything for granted. Anything could have happened. No one will be more careful with your kid more than yourself. Take care.

Jesslyn said...

At first I really thot your bb kena kidnapped le..phew!!
Believe me, never too trust your maid! One of your family have to be with them!

mom2ashley said...

whoaaaa....scary....that is so freaky man! my life would be shorten by a few years from that kinda drama! glad that bb and maid are safe!!

hey you were at the ss2 (chow yang) pasar malam? we were there as well! was carrying ashley with the baby sling..after awhile...damn tired man!

jazzmint said...

whoaa...scary moment!!! I encountered once as well, maid took Faythe and went to another room while all of us were busy walking in and out, when i went into the room, they were gone...After looking up and down with daddy, at last we found her in another room...Rightaway got screwed cause she left without tell heart almost dropped off man!!!

Allyfeel said...

zara's mama,
Yes, it will be too late if it happens. But sometimes really have no choice, you need her help and wanted her to be as reliable as possible.

I totally agreed with you. Usually I will oversee, we won't do this but not sure why mil did it that day.

I will be more careful next time. Better safe than sorry. Thanks!

ya, thanks! I will be more careful next time. I have never leave them alone at home too, someone is always there.

ya ya, I have many more grey hair now... *shake head*

haha baby ashley so cutie & fatty fat, mommy so tiny, sure tired loh...:PpP
next time ask hubby to carry ma...

No, we were not at the ss2 pasar malam. It was the Taman Desa one.

I also have one home tale about maid. One morning I woke up to a stopped spinning washing machine, cloths in, lights still on at 9am, an empty drawer, maids no way to be found. She run away! Luckily bb was with me that morning. Scary right?

A-Li said...

It is indeed a scary story to share! True i guess it would be safer to have either one of you carrying the bb next time, no matter how heavy he is! take care babe!

Allyfeel said...

yes, very heart punching experience. I will thanks! So I got to do more weight lifting la in this case...:)

Sue said...

Surely every mom goes thru this at least once in their life... I get panic attack too when my maid walk out of my line of sight for too long when we're out...

Allyfeel said...

yes, agreed with you.
BTW, have you delivered??

Sue said...

Yup... will update my blog soon :)