Friday, January 13, 2006

Bb's strength

This post is inspired by Zara’s strength. A few months back, we brought bb to Jusco for some shopping; he saw a box pop ’n build blocks from fisher Price that his daddy bought him earlier.

Not sure why he was so attracted to it when he already had one at home which he hardly play. Puzzled! I told him “bb, you’ve got one home already, leave it”. Obviously he didn’t listen to me, I left him alone to see what he did. He lifted up the entire box which was almost his height then. He brought it to the cashier for his daddy to pay.

Me and my maid was giggling non stop over his action.


mom2ashley said...

it probably looked more attractive on the shelf at jusco! hehhee

jazzmint said...

wow cute toys...i just went to buy masak masak for faythe today kekeke

Allyfeel said...

ya probably, it was wrapped in a very colorful and box that he could not resist it.

hahaha... that's de deference between girl and boy hor? :)

Zara's Mama said...

Wah.. now he knows how to carry things to the cashier to ask Daddy to buy? *biting fingers*.. Soon Zara also the same loh?

Btw, is this fun to play with? Looks fun, maybe should get Zara.

mariahlc aka twinsmom said...

wow... boy really more garang than girl huh? my girls usually when we say no, they will just leave.

geetha said...

Wah... Then, what did he say when u didn't end up paying for it?

Allyfeel said...

Zara's mama,
yalor, may be... :*)
I think it's quite fun, I saw bb pulling and putting those pieces together and one press of a button, it spins with music.

aiyoo, now I am having headache, if I say no, he will show tentrum right in front of the public crying furiously, crawling and tumbling the floor. Don't know what to do but I've never gave in.

In this case, he was okay, just distracted his attention, he forgotten abt it. It was last September.