Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Selections - Exploring Private Collections

It's an exhibition of my boss' personal collections of art pieces. I designed this card for him. Even though my current job has nothing to do with art or anything, I am still his favorite designer. I have no choice but obliged.

Here is the cover. Presented by Richard Koh Fine Art at Malaysian Institute of Art. Opening 17th of January 2006, 6:30pm. The exhibition is available at MIA from 17th - 20th of January. It's open to public.

Collections inclusive of Artists:- Ahmad Zakii Anwar, Cheung Pooi Yip, Choong Kam Kow, Datuk Chuah Thean Teng, Dr Chew Teng Beng, Ivan Lam, Jalani Abu Hassan, Kuo Ju Ping, Liew Choong Ching, Rafiee Ghani, Raphael Scott Ahbeng, Tan Chiang Kiong, Tay Mo Leong, Yeong Seak Ling, Yong Mun Sen, Yuen Chee Leng.

I will be there to support my boss at the opening today. He likes people supporting him, the more the merrier.


Zara's Mama said...

Wow, your boss so kaya-raya? Own so many art pieces that he can have an exhibition?


You also terror.. your boss' favourite.. Makes sure got bonus he thinks of you first.

Allyfeel said...

zara's mama
yes, he is a young and richie rich bachelor. The exhibition only has 20 over pieces but he has 100 over collections in his private collections. Terror hor?

in this case he is quite fair la, everyone also got bonus. :)

geetha said...

Hmmm, young, richie rich bachelor. Now only you tell me. Too late oredi. *sigh* ;)

blinka.Li said...

wah, rich and got taste somemore. Let's hope he is really fond of art instead of just wanna show off la! :P

Nice card! but i don't quite like the grey..too cold. but i know u must have done this in a very short time ( free service ma! ) keep it up *thumbs up*

King's wife said...

the word 'private' is a little misleading lah....hahaaa
Your boss is Richard Koh? He is the terror-merror designer, always in ID magazines.
I like the card, conveys the theme perfectly...

Allyfeel said...

hahaaaa, you can still flirt if you want to.... kekeke!,
ya men, he seems so proud.
The original card look slightly different but Richard koh commented and this is the final look. I think it's quite nice. It gives this quiet and solemn feelings to it, not too commercial.

King's wife,
you dirty mind...:)
No, my boss is not Richard koh, but he is quite handsome ler. Thanks!

Jesslyn said...

wow! rich, handsome, got taste 's boss, sure u will not feel bored in the office wan la..kekeke..

Allyfeel said...

haha, aiya, he is also a normal human being la, nothing to do with bored or not.