Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Life Tag

I was tagged again by zara's mama (Thanks Agnes, I got to crack my head a little for this)...2 in this month!!! I am sure we will get to know each other much better after this tag.Here's the tag/meme:

4 jobs you've had in your life:

1. Children Art teacher, (working part time when I was a college kid)
2. Working in a magazine warehouse refurbishing and sealing many types of magazines during uni vacation in Melbourne. Magazines including “Playboy, Hustler, Maxim, Mad, Star trek, Wedding books, Health books and many more porn and non porn.” (My uni mate used to come over my place to ask for those books- haiya.....come to think about it, I should have charged them. :) )
3. Multimedia Designer
4. Art Director in a Swedish acquired IT firm. I quit after bb was born.

4 movies you could watch over and over:

The sound of music
'Summer Holiday' or “mo mo cha”, Sammi Cheng, Richie Ren
Stealing beauty, Liv Tyler
The thing called love, River Phoenix

4 TV shows you love(d) to watch:

Sliders (My favourite. Diving into different world and discovering different things. )
Signfield – laugh to de-stress
Tru Calling

4 places you've lived:

Old Klang Road, KL
Malvern East, Melbourne
Bandar Utama, P.J

4 places you've been on vacation to:

Melbourne, Sydney, Canberra, Adelaide, Gold Coast
Maldives, Indian Ocean (for honeymoon)
Phuket, Thailand
Bali, Indonesia

4 places you would rather be:

Home, it’s my cave, I find my peace there.
Book shop or library
Mom’s place
Art gallery with an audio or live narrator?

4 of your favourite foods:

All type of Seafood
Healthy vegetarian food on the 1st and 15th of the lunar month
Japanese food – Inari Sushi, Temaki, Udon, Chawanmushi, Tofu

4 of your favourite beverages:

Green tea
Ice Lemon tea

4 (or more) websites you visit daily: – journal about me and my 2 yr 2 month old son
All sage bookmarks in my firefox (sometimes)

4 tagged:

Metria (Hope you would be good sport again)
Essence of love (Make it a double this month, hooray!)
A-li (First tag, have fun!)
Jesslyn (yooo….another tag, hehe…want to know u better ma…)



Zara's Mama said...

Thanks for doing this..
Maldives for honeymoon, nice huh? We'd been there too, love the beach.

Btw, you tried scuba diving?

Bookshop is a nice place to be as well.. but if you have a baby in tow.. difficult.

Btw, I used to go to this Longman book sales in PJ old town, really good books very cheap price. Now we'd moved office, no longer know when the sale is any more. :(

Jesslyn said...

Thot can escape from this tag!! Mana tahu, still kena from u!!
Ok, hope can do it this week!

geetha said...

I was coolly reading your post.. when I reached the end, I see "Essence of love". Oopss, that looks like me! Yeap, I shall make that double this month.


you like the sea?
i notice many seaside vacations. i love the sea but my hubby love the city, so, we hardly go for seaside vacation after i got married :(

anyway, we love bookshop and we hang out a lot nowadays in bookshop...

Allyfeel said...

Zara's Mama,
ya, we love the beach too, my poor darling has phobia of shark but still have to accompany me into the water. :) Lovely!

Nope, wanted to, my hubby disapproved and asked me to wait for him. :( I think I better wait for my son to grow up and dive with him....kekeke.

Go when he wasn't around. Just bought 2 beading books last night. love 'em.

oh old towm book sales, never really heard of it before.

Thanks for being such a sport.

Thank you, love to know u guys better.

Two little fellas,
ya, I like relaxing at seaside very much. Actually seeing little creatures in the sea excite me. Unfortunately, hubby don't really like it so we can only snorkel but not dive.

jazzmint said...

aiks...u are BU-lang also!!! Me and Sue also wohh...u BU what uh? Me BU11, Sue BU1..just across the bridge!!! come u quit after giving birth, means now u SAHM?

Allyfeel said...

oh ya I am in BU 10 ler. So we are neighbour lor, I guess the heart of neighbourhood is where u get ur supply of TVB series?? :)

I could not take the stress no more so I quit and now still working but a senang senang job la which has no relation with my original profession.