Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Selections - Exploring Private Collections II

Some pictures from last evening’s exhibition. I used my hand phone to capture some of the paintings. I noticed my boss likes to collect some motherly theme. Here are some of them:

It was an honour to speak to the CEO of MIA, Mr.Choong Kam Kow.To my surprise, he is such a nice and humble man to talk to. He shared with me how inspiration was derived for his dragon painting. It took him one year to complete this painting. According to him, even we live in the 21st century, high tech modern days, we still refer back to our own culture for advice, it’s in us, it’s part of our lives without us realizing it.

A question: Do you think art is only for the rich and famous? Does it mean that the poor can’t appreciate art? What do you think?


King's wife said...

everyone appreciates art in their own way I guess. But we always associate good art with $$$.
So for us who think we can't afford it, we just don't explore further....

jazzmint said...

wow....the dragon one very nice lehh...the wordings like matrix hhaha...

poor ppl can still afford mah, but buy art that are not by famous artist, later after they die, will be famous and then can sell keke

Zara's Mama said...

Poor can also appreciate art.. just cannot own genuine art pieces only.

Like me, only buy posters loh. I like Gustav Klimt, but I don't think I can ever own a piece of his art right? So get posters loh.


i'm not rich but i appreciate art. i guess we don't have to own it in order to value it..we can always go to museums and exhibitions to take pleasure on it..

echoing Zara's mama, cannot afford the masterpiece, an imprint is good enuf :)

Allyfeel said...

King’s wife, jazzmint, zara’s mama, two little fellas,

Actually I was having a sort of loud pitch discussion with krazieangel over the subject. She said she doesn’t understand art and it’s only for the rich. Poor people don’t have the chance la.

I was quoting an example of Australian, not rich but can enjoy nice paintings from Masters in museum. Before I could finish the sentence, “That’s in Australia, I am talking about Malaysia” she said.

Later she said she meant “to own the paintings”.

So I think rich and poor people also have the right to appreciate art. Art is subjective; everyone can interpret it and enjoy art in their way even though we can’t afford to buy the original.

so have you started buying already? Yeees, the painting is very nice, when u stand further, you could see there are subliminal message. Hahaha matrix…

Zara’s mama,
Gustave Klimt, I like him too. His paintings are very ornamental and beautiful.

Two little fellas,
Precisely! I can't help but to agree with you.

blinka.Li said...

Not all rich knows how to appreciate art but they certainly have better chance to own them if they want.

I guess art and science are important to balance our life. But I think the education system generally is not that serious about developing 'the talent' kua. See, weekends are spent going shopping not to art galleries. We hardly have any open air art museum. In Japan, they have water museum, timber museum, light museum. Oh, even the building itself let u experience these elements...we are infants still in art.

Good that your boss support the artists! :)

mom2ashley said...

hey....seeing the pictures you took from your camera phone made me realise what a "cha-pa-lang" camera phone i have! hahahaha

Allyfeel said...,
Agreed! Hope to see some changes in the near future. 那么我们就有眼福哩!

mom2ashley, hehe...ok what not all that bad ler. If not happy, ask hubby to buy again lor!!! :p