Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Ciao 2005 and Hello 2006

2005 was a very different year for me in terms of my career. Well, perhaps career is not the word, just a job now. A job from 9am to 5pm, no over time, pay reasonably. The best thing is there wasn’t any pressure or thought of work after work or weekend.

Therefore, I could spend more time with bb and family. Even though it was a very easy and steady year but I am still not very satisfied with it.

Lately I have started to think again and ask myself, “What would you want to be?”

There is an answer deep down inside trying to reach out to me. I think I am listening, listening to it very carefully. I hope it could be materialize in 2006.

Bb has been cheekier than ever but he is easier to handle than before. I am feeling more relax now than before. Used to fear having another baby but may be this is a good year to conceive. Just received a piece of good news from Hazel, she is pregnant with the second one. Congratulations Hazel! Hmm…now I have the itch in me to have the second one but it depends on Mr. Ally.

On friendship, thank you to my group of kindergarten and primary school friends, guys I cherished all your company. Also a group of new found blog friends, thanks for sharing your life and also be part of my life. Thank you! A very Happy New Year guys, hope all have a magic wand in your hand to make every dream come true.

Ciao 2005 and Hello 2006.


mom2ashley said...

hope you get to do whatever you want this year. i hope to make some changes in my life this year - in terms of work wise...

Jesslyn said...

Wish u all the best in 2006!
Hope to hear your good news soon ya(2nd bb):P

jazzmint said...

Happy New Year!!! hehe fast fast get a 2nd one lah :P

Zara's Mama said...

So what do you want to do?
Have 2nd one, 3rd one, 4th one and stay at home? *whistling*

Metria said...

Happy New Year! When are you coming to Melbourne huh?

Allyfeel said...


Thanks! And good luck to you too for work changes this year.

Jesslyn, jazzmint,

Thank you! Errr...I will ask hubby to try his best ya!!! :PpP

Zara's mama, think I "Zhu"(Pig) meh? 2 for me is "si pa jui liao" (a lot -hokkien) but don't mind to stay home looking after them and send kidz to school. :)

Happy New Year to you too. Huh? Melbourne arr, not sure ler, if I go, I will sure to ask you to treat me makan. hehehe...