Friday, January 06, 2006


Not sure why nowadays I always go into dreaming or off mode when I drive. It’s scary I know but I went thinking about things and words just appear in my head. It’s like having a conversation with myself. Sometimes I even think of angry words to say to a person I don’t like. But those words were rehearsed in my mind, never been released a word out of my mouth. At times it seems very noisy in my head; therefore I need to tell it to somebody. I have started putting things that I can’t tell you in my new diary. That way, when I am stress I will feel better, it’s like having a conversation with GOD. Very serene!

I am not feeling very good today. Just want to put off those noises.

Well this is a different incident altogether, just to divert my attention from those unhappy thoughts. Let’s talk about what happened to me on the 31st of Dec, 2005. I drove hubby’s car out to grab some “tau fu fa” after lunch then I went on to a nearby neighborhood to rent a TVB series as there’s a long holiday and I needed to kill time.

When I arrived, there were many cars, I spotted a car park and remembered looking at the back earlier to make sure there wasn’t any car before I reversed. As I put on the reverse gear and pressed the accelerator, “PANG”, I heard a loud bang, I have hit a car. “Fuck, what a day to end the year with”, I mumbled. Luckily bb wasn’t with me. So I parked my car to the side and went down to inspect it. To my surprise, it seemed like the car was fine, no sign of damage. Shock, I went over to the BMW’s owner, yes I hit a BMW, asked him “How is your car?” he replied,”It seems ok to me”. So I apologized to him and off I go, trembled a little while counting my lucky stars. Phew!!!

I have not had any accident since I’ve got a license. Again back then, I just hit the front light of a friend’s car. Nothing very serious happened till that day. My car’s scratches and small dent was caused by my husband and other jerks that had itchy hands. So I am a pretty good driver I would say. I think I was very blessed on that day, thank God!


Zara's Mama said...

phew! that was a close one.

Or you may get extorted from the BMW owner.

Btw, I'd tagged you.. :P

mom2ashley said...

luckily no serious damages!

Sue said...

Wow... what car were you driving? As strong as the BMW... Thank goodness nothing teruk happened other than rattled nerves...