Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Things I like

Got tagged by Angeleyes. The exercise - Write down who tagged you, list down the things that you like, and pass on to any bloggers.

1. Swim – Believe in it. Use to work on my overweight body back in Australia by swimming 60 laps daily. Managed to loose at least 6kg before stepping my foot in KLIA. :)

2. Eat & Sleep – Absolutely indulge in it now. Other than this, can’t think of what else to do.

3. Beading – I think beading might be something I like to do until I grow old. I am so eager to learn more about it each day. It is nice to see meaningless beads forming to wearable beautiful jewelries.

4. TVB series - Some may call watching TVB series stupid but I like to kill time with it. I don't think it's stupid, I respected scrip writers and movie series' directors. It's not easy to shoot a movie you know. If you don't like it, don't watch but please don't say it's stupid.

5. Hang out - Hang out with Ivan and daddy to swim on weekends, do things together. Love to chat with my mum and sibling, hard to describe but the feelings of talking especially to mum is excellent n peaceful.

6. Chill out with close friends for lunch, munching Teocheow porridge with variety of Teocheow food, catching up with each other’s life, very nice and fulfilling.

7. I love holidays. Unfortunately, I have to wait till I get lucky with my husband’s excuses or err…his forever busy schedules. Actually, I secretly told my mum to include me for their next trip. Kekeke!!!

Most bloggers I know already done this tag, If you would like to do this tag, go ahead.


mumsgather said...

60 laps daily! *faints*

Angeleyes said...

wah.... u a national swimmer ah??? 6 laps I already wanna pengsan!
Imagine I have to swim 10 laps for my Open Water course! But I managed... and almost half dead!

Allyfeel said...

I only swim breast stroke and very slow. It usually takes me an hr plus to finish 60 laps wei. Hehehe! may be I "cheong hei".

huisia said...

OMG...60laps daily? You very "keng" le..