Wednesday, March 07, 2007

My first car

Do you remember your first car? I remember my dad bought us siblings a brand new white Nissan Sunny back in the late 1980s when we passed our car exam. When my sis was done with the car after she got her new car, I took over and later pass it to my brother.

I must say, that is hell of a petrol savings car. It doesn’t really look good but very functional. I could still remember traveling to my Bahasa Malaysia’s tuition in klang and went college with that car too. Who cares if taxi drivers were driving that same kind of car? As long as it serve my purpose and get me to my destination. Hmm…rather miss the car now.


Sasha said...

i also drove nissan sunny as my first car! that car bumper dun pray pray ah! very keng wan!

mom2ashley said...

i loveee your new header

sue said...

Nice header!

And the first car which I drove after getting my license, Toyota Corolla 1.3.. belong to mum :P

Anonymous said...

Yes, you drove to Bintang Sari. (it is the tuisyen center name, or something else?)