Friday, March 16, 2007

Gosh! How to loose more calories?

Hubby just bought an exercise machine. It was quite cool, I entered my height, weight, age, and it will calculate my BMI for me. Later I entered the amount of calories that I wanted to loose. I sweat so much man but it feels good. I lightened up instantly. I lost about 110 calories last night. Gosh! Unfortunately, I wallop an entire bar of Beryl’s chocolate that has 1180k juts now. Urgh…how to resist chocolate that is so yummy?


sue said...

Indulgence is good, specially when you're preggers la. Just don't over d it on the workout :)

Shannon said...

u have to do 10 times wat u did, to burn out the indulgence...
butbut, wei, you preggy lar... dun overworked

sue said...

You've been tagged!