Friday, March 02, 2007

My new creation

Many blogger friends have been asking me whether I still Bead. As my beading site also disappear from my blog and I seemed quiet. In fact, I stop for a while already. Reason being, “Pantang, Pantang and Pantang”. I am a very filial daughter wei, I listen to what mommy said. Hah!

Mom had sewed sitting on top of her bed while having my brother. Later my brother was born with small tiny little holes on his ear loops. Since then, she always advise, don’t snip, snap, sew on your bed or better bedroom. I also scared la, don’t want anything to happen to my baby.

Nevertheless, I do “curi curi” make a few in my living room instead before Chinese New Year. It’s a bit troublesome as I got to bring all tools and beads there. Here are some of those pieces. There are not for sale la, for personal use only. How do you like it?


Sasha said...

eh very nice lor...yah i heard ppl say dun do things like dat on the bed. i did some sewing n if u look closely..jayden's left ear abit folded. hmmmm

Etcetera~Mommy said...

nice nice beads.. you very 'yau sum gei' :)

i oso sewed on my bed before.. but i seriously wasnt aware abt the pantang until much later.. thanks goodness ryan's ears are okay.. some even said 'nice ears' :D