Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Most favorite reality show

Actually, it is somewhat hard to choose one best episode as I think there is more than one of my favorite. I like episode 2, 5, 6 and 9. There are filled with loads of fun and creative ideas .Well, life is all about choices, and my favorite PPP reality show would be …drum roll…..episode no. 5.

Yea, wedding is sweet, memorable and most importantly WOW! It is a sponsored wedding, who does not want eh? Jules and Michael are very lucky indeed to be the chosen one.

It worked out pretty well for a one week job, bravo Britt and Ms. Cutie err…Ms. ..Oops forgot her name. Allow me to comment a little bit. The wedding gown…urgh, how did you people decide on that one? It looks so I mean “old fashion”. No offence Jules, you are pretty, I think with a better gown, you will look even prettier. That oversize fold or whatever in front of your chest is horrible. I like the cash prize of $1000 though to start up a family. That is so very thoughtful of PayPerPost.

Just wondering when we postie from Asia would benefit from this kind of COOL deal. ;) Ted, please come up with something cool for us. I know you are capable of doing it. Oh yea, I really love your PayPerPost truck.

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