Tuesday, March 27, 2007

International phone calls

Have you ever made any international calls? Are you familiar with the rates charged? A few years back, I was sent to work in Brunei for about 3 months. That time, my relationship with hubby has just started like not long ago. We must see each other daily after work to chill out and talk over in local Mamak stall. It was quite an experience having to part with him. We took turn to call each other daily to chitchat.

After a month, I received my first international phone bill. Gosh! I nearly choked over the amount charged. It was a four figure. If only I knew about this international mobile phone card calls, I would have saved hell lots of money. See the rate here by country name and information about cheap International calling cards. Receive up to 4 hours of free International calls just for simply signing up for

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