Monday, March 05, 2007


What can I yak about today huh? I drank way too much of the soy bean drink till I feel like puking out wei. "Burp"

I had a late lunch, a colleague of mine pack aglio-olio for me from this cafe in Bangsar called "Angel". Poor her, she came back office with pouty lips.

Because our boss called her when she was there..

BOSS: Where r u ar?
CoLLik: Me in Angel. u come la, food here very nice one.
BOSS:ok, right away. (Got driver, so vely fast arrive)

minutes later...

BOSS: Food here where got nice, you got VERY LOUSY taste.
CoLLik: Heartache....grrrr.....(I want to ripe his hair off...strip him naked, cut his ahem off ...hahahhaha)

What do you expect la, my boss can afford to open a bottle of wine that cost 5 figure anytime wei. Don't play play.

But hor, he actually pay for my aglio-olio ne. So I shouldn't complaint too much. Munch, munch, gulp gulp.

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