Monday, May 15, 2006

Wesak Day Celebration

We woke up slightly early last Friday. After getting ready, daddy drove us to the Kuan Yin temple in Jalan Bukit Bintang for prayer. It was already filled with people when we arrived for the 11am prayers.

Flowers and lights in oil were seen everywhere. Daddy and myself are half pass six in this, we just followed our usual routine to pray and then we were guided to bath the Buddha before joining the rest for some chanting. We were given 2 packets of flower water to take home for shower. It’s believed to wash away the bad luck and hence new beginnings will flourish. In short, we were there to celebrate the birth of Buddha.

After the prayers, we had vegetarian “Ba Kut Teh” in the temple. Bb shared some of our food before going out for his further exploration of the surroundings.


mom2ashley said...

happy wesak day! bb looks so grown up in those pictures!

Zara's Mama said...

I like the shot of handsome kor kor running.. :P

geetha said...

He looked like he enjoyed his exploration in the temple.

Happy Wesak Day!

jazzmint said...

happy wesak day. didn't know there's a temple in bb leh...

Jesslyn said...

huh? BKT also got vegetarian? nice o not?


yeah, bb look so grown up in the photos.

Allyfeel said...

mom2ashley, two little fellas,

Thanks! Ya..but I doubt he looks grown up if you meet him in person. He is such a small underweight toddler.

zara's mama,
zara, come ...let kor kor hold your hands and we run together and have some FUN. :D

Thanks! He enjoyed it very much until all sweaty.

ya, it was very secluded, near to istana hotel, behind HSBC bank.

jesslyn, la, got vegetarian Chicken, pork, all sorts. Quite nice but I wun mind if it's not nice, not good to comment on food given FREE. :)