Thursday, May 25, 2006

A date with Zoe and daddy's friends

It was Daddy friend's birthday; we met up with some of them last night for dinner in Italianese at The Curve. There are lots of yakking between the people who are crazy about soccer, betting, “Zhi Mo” (Mah jong playing).

Bb as usual was jolly well happy and dynamic in exploring the environment. He joined Zoe for some Barney show on a portable DVD. My observation, parent nowadays keeps their toddlers occupied with CD’s so that they will have a peaceful mealtime. Zoe’s mother is not the first one I met doing this. In a way it is good to avoid them leaving their chairs but I thought bb watch too much CD’s and TV already. I rather he goes around then sitting starring at the square box.

Everyone said bb has grown up so much. I think so too. He is like a big kor kor who knows how to make lil girl happy by playing with them. I was so amazed seeing how bb made Zoe laughed and giggled. He is very cheeky and behaved like a DAP now, which means, he does what I told him not to - like the pembangkang, the opposition. His hands are like Octopus, never stop grabbing and touching things. He even went crazy dancing in front of the restaurant Pub area, drawing giggles from pub goers.

I was busy snapping photos and asked one of daddy’s friends to snap for us. After the photos, I saw bb showed sour faced. Stretching his hands and hiding his face behind Sri, snuffle sniff. Ooppss! He was unhappy because we left him out. He wants to take photos with us too. I am so sorry darling!

This morning, MIL was relating telling bb how he made Alicia angry by not sharing toys and now Alicia went home already. Take a guess what bb told grandma?

“ Telephone Alicia, Bb will share toys.”



geetha said...

Nice outing with the family.. BB is cool with crowd ah..
Hmm, he seem to be having so many girl friends :)

Zara's Mama said...

This handsome korkor is a real charmer huh?? Swooning all the little girls.

I'm against kids watching dinner during meal time and I try to enforce that at home. I always make Zara sit on her highchair and join us at the dining table if she's having any of her meals.

However, I do let her snack in front of the TV.

I also try to limit her to the most 1hr TV each day (30mins x 2 shows).

She's so adicted to TV nowadays, sometimes refusing to play but kept asking for more TV program. But I told her no.. No TV if she'd already met her quota.

Sue said...

Guess he's pretty sensitive to his surroumy take pic with daddy only :P

mom2ashley said...

very cheeky of bb!!! hahahhaa

khongfamily said...

I've met a family having dinner at a chinese restaurant with a baby sitting on the highchair with his own portable DVD player in front of him.

This is how parents keep their child entertained these days. *sigh*

I definitely against this method!!!

clair said...

Tsk tsk I think that's just too much TV and too big a price to pay for the parents' own convenience. Some people even have a DVD player in the car as well!!

Egghead said...

before you know it... your phone bill will hit four figures liao... LOL!

jazzmint said...

hehe...BB is really a good entertainer. I bet next time he sure *kow sei lui*

mumsgather said...

Aww.. poor baby. He wanted to join in the photo session too. You bad mommy you. Hehehe.

1+2mom said...

First time saw ppl used portable DVD to let the kids sit still when having meal, but i wont do that cause i think my kids also watch too much CD's and TV too. I dunwan them having meal still look at the screen and i scare them so young need to wear spec.

Blogie-Talkie said...

BB 乖,識得想到打电話叫番人玩!

AsleyLee said... talked like adult.
First time i heard people used portable DVD to keep the kids sit still, such a terrible scene for me. Imagine, TV at home and even small square box while having great time outside.