Monday, May 08, 2006

Sunday Fun


After bb’s Gymboree class, we drove straight back home to pick daddy up and headed to Kidzsport in One Utama. It was about 12 noon, peak hour, we were lucky to get a parking space. Upon reaching Kidsport, seen Twinsmom, Zara's mama, Egghead outside the pool area with their lovely kids. Twinsmom greeted us and some of us had a short chat in the resting area.

Yes, what a coincidence, Twinsmom, Twinsdad and me were classmate in college. Hah! I guess I was the not so sharp type that they could not recall whom I was or rather I have changed to become prettier…kekeke. Anyhow, we had great fun chit chatting together. Shiaulin and Sue were there too. Bb was so busy playing and didn’t even border to say “Hi” but he managed to steal a goodbye kiss from Zara later.

After Kidzsport, we went for lunch and stopped by at Toys R Us, did some groceries shopping in Jusco. Bb was so tired; he slept in my arms on a bench outside Jusco while daddy grabbed all needed items.

Later, daddy played bubble gun with bb at our backyard. He help set up a hut daddy bought from Toy r us for him as well. He LOVES it and invited us in for a seat.


Sue said...

Great meeting you for the first time, must meet up more often :)

Zara's Mama said...

Wah.. next time handsome korkor must invite Zara to play in his play house hor.. :P

Where did BB go for his gymboree class?

Egghead said...

nice to meet you too!
you all also One Academy one ah? must be very very creative lah!

Loc Kee said...

me oso wanto join leh...
nextime la.

SS oli been to kidsport for once nia :<

khongfamily said...

Yahh..where is gymboree class held?

geetha said...

Wah, so big ah the play house.. nice. Must have partner to play in play house lah.. *wink*

You guys go to Kidzsports very often heh?

King's wife said...

I heard your bb already got big fansi :D

mom2ashley said...

where is kidsports ? is it near rhb bank at one utama (old wing)?

AsleyLee said...

Seems like the gathering was great and meaningful.

Next time i wanna join too, hopefully i will be in M'sia.

amanda said...

If one day I get to meet up with you girls & babies, I think it would feel as if I am meeting up with stars -- blogging stars. :)

MyLittleChampion said...

aikes! i didnt know you are from one academy, i use to work there last time as the student administrator. wow, this world is really small. you graduated when ah?

Jesslyn said...

the gun type bubble quite noisy hor, i use tape to tape the sound's place, so that it not so noisy..:P

Bb 有点像光良咧!

Allyfeel said...

Greet meeting you too. Now if I bump into you in TVB vcd rental place I know that's you.. :)

zara's mama,
Sure, I am sure he doesn't mind a pretty girl friend as guest. kekeke....

He has his Gymboree class in Bangsar Village. 1st Floor. It's 12 lessons per term, about RM300 plus per term. There are many levels for kids of different ages. They have art lessons, music classes as well.

Eh...I like to think so even if I am not very la. Haha!

Loc Kee,
join la...the more the merrier. Never seen ur handsome face before. :P

Hello...Bb has his Gymboree class in Bangsar Village. 1st Floor.

It's 12 lessons per term, about RM300 plus per term. There are many levels for kids of different ages.

Are you suggesting something? Hmm....*act blur*

Ya lor, very near by and cheap also. :) You should come along next time. Let us have a look at ur Charming also ma...

king's wife,
Got arr? Really? "Fatt Tat" liao.... :P

it's just right beside Pizza Hut, old wing.

Hui Sia,
Hi, thanks for stopping by. Yah, why not...Xiau lin is currently in China as well, she join us too. :) Lovely! Let us know when you are back here.....

Welcome! Whao, me definately not Blogging Star la... come join us next time. :)

No wonder I find your voice very familiar la. I graduated in 1994 and work in TOA for 1 year. Were you there then?

yalor...noisy and sometimes got no bubbles come out one.

Yalor, at certain angle especially in photograph. :)

Ricket said...

Wha... so nice, one big happy family...
Come this August I'll be heading KL for a weekend, maybe will run into you too.

Allyfeel said...


Make sure you bring ur kids to kidsportz. :)

maria @ twinsmom said...

eh, seriously, after met you I baru recall your face LOL... otherwise I susah lor...:P see how self center I was last time :P.

we also got a toy house for our girls, but... not from toy shop, a big box hubby took back from office, we convert it into a toy house LOL... cut a door and window.

Allyfeel said...


Hehe, luckily u can still recall. I guess we all have our own clicks when in college.

You guys are typically creative. My hubby can never do that. He will probably scolder me if I do that.

Anonymous said...

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