Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Weekend. Food.

We didn’t do much this long weekend. Just stay home and rest, eat, and play. We went home to see mom in P.Klang, I made her two bracelets for mother’s day. She was very happy. Bb had great time with his cousins after such long time. He even said he doesn’t want to go home. *shake head*.

Later we stopped by at this “Ba-Kut-Teh” near the old Rex cinema in Port Klang. It was okay la to me but hubby loves this particular shop. The owner’s name is “Ah Chai”. His shop does not have a signboard, Hah! So no name. What is special about his Ba-Kut-Teh is he has added dry fried sotong (calamari) inside the soup; it makes the soup smell and taste good. However, I think he has added a wee bit too much of Ajinomoto. Bb was there with us for the first time. Usually we leave him with mom but this time round, he wanted to come along. I grabbed some “Kaya Kok” beside the Ba-Kut-Teh shop. Just love it; the skin is so crispy and fragrant. Bb had a few bites too during teatime with me at home.

For dinner, I cooked some Spaghetti in Olive Oil, garlic and dry chilies at home. Daddy loves it but he cannot really take spicy, so I have to reduce the chilies portion.

For recipe click here

Meanwhile bb had his porridge I cooked earlier for him. Later, hubby and me played parachutes (Flipping the blanket up and down and let him catch) and read two of his favourite books before urging him to sleep. He had been a good boy.

Ba-Kut-Teh above taken with my hand phone. Spaghetti taken with digital camera. Huge difference...


Egghead said...

you will know if the bak-kut-teh have a lot of ajinomoto if you feel very thirsty after eating it :)

maria @ twinsmom said...

emm... you make me think about Klang's bak-kut-teh, hungry... not yet have lunch...

Jesslyn said...

Outside food sure got ajinomoto, cannot escape wan!

I never cook with olive oil so far, neither my MIL. If i buy it then i hv to finish cooking it, else it will be in kitchen until it expired! :(

geetha said...

Yeap.. ajinomoto makes us thirsty. Cannot run away from it when we eat out :(

Checking out teh recipe for the spagetti.. yum, yum :)


the spagetti looks yummy...i'm one of those basil, olive oil fan. will check out the recipe.

mom2ashley said...

hey i didnt know you ladies have a cookblog....your spaghetti looks great!

Jefferene said...

Oh, I love Bak-kut-teh! Just took it for dinner!

Your olive oil speghatti looks nice!

jazzmint said...

yum yum...i love bak kut teh..

u seem to be cooking a lot italian food eh hehe...shall try out ur recipe :)

Allyfeel said...

egghead, geetha,
Ya, u r right! I hate that thirsty feeling after food.

Can you believe it, I stay there so long, I have not been to the most famous one. There are just so many in Klang.

You can use to cook egg, it looks very nice. If one day cook one egg, sure can finish one. :)

two little fellas,
I love the smell of Olive Oil. :P

Try it out. :) I like it spicy.

I only take it once in a while, love it too but not too often, very fattening.

No la, this is the same italian food I have been cooking. I only add different vegetable every time.

Sue said...

Hey, my mum stays in PK too... I just love Bak Kut Tehs, you made me hungry and it's another 2 hous to lunch time...

The HP pictures looks great too, clear...

Zara's Mama said...

Daddy cannot take spicy things one ah??

I love simple spagetti dish like this as well..

Ha.. parachutes game.. maybe I should try with Zara one day.

Contented Mum said...

Yummy yummy spaghetti, must try out your recipe. Nice to have a relaxing long weekend!

Allyfeel said...

sue, we came from same kampung eh?
Ya lor...Ba Kut Teh, yummy!

Zara's mama,
Yalor, he complaint Spicy. I didn't know he cannot take also.... BLUR ME!

contented mum,
Try it and see if you like it.