Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Petroleum Discovery...

Since it was a long weekend we have nothing much to do at home, we decided to take a drive down town and bring bb along for some discovery in the Petrosains Discovery Center, KLCC. We just wanted to kill some time, Hah! So did not really expect much from that tour. However, uh…an Indian men approached us in the center telling us there is a special family package and what caught my attention was mother and son have FREE entrance, it was an offer in conjunction with Mother’s Day. It was about 3:30pm by the time we reached there. We purchased a family ticket at RM24 for four of us – Daddy, Mommy, Bb and Sri.

We were ushered to a waiting area where there was water sculpture and huge Koi fishes for the “Dark Ride” to start the journey. It was a cup look alike ultra slow roller coaster. It brought us to discover the world of petroleum. Bb seemed to enjoy it very much. Then it stopped at the Energy Station. I like one of that energy tubes in there. When you put your palm on the tube, it creates those new age WITCH looking pink thunder lights, COOL!!! POWER!!! We hang around there for a while before moving to the Cartoon village, Giotime Dioroma (Home of the Huge Dinosaur) for further discovery of "petroleum?". Seeing a real size Dinosaur for the first time, bb got a little frightening, he told me “scared”. I explained to him that it was manmade, there isn’t anymore of the real Dino in this world and added Daddy can make that Dino…haha!!!

We moved on to the Galeria for more Sains toys. Bb and daddy tried on an elephant trunk at far ends to communicate and understand where our telephone evolved. Later we boarded the Helicopter Simulator for an oil platform. Bb was not allowed as he was under five-yr-old. However, daddy managed to get him to join me in the helicopter ride later when he cried furiously looking for me and those “abang” there made him an exception. Although the helicopter shake quite a fair bit, I think bb enjoyed it. I asked him, was it nice? He replied with a smile “Yes”.

It was a couple of stopped by at other discoveries before exiting the tour. Bb insisted to wait for the “Dark ride” out; we had to queue for it, luckily, it was only a while before we hopped in the dark ride.

Bb was very exhausted after so many stimulating stuffs in there. We had a quick dinner before heading home.

It was a cheap $$ tour I guess if you ask for my comments. Haha! Overall, a great place to spend some time with kids.


geetha said...

BB liked the place ah.. I was always wondering whether children about 2 years old will have anything to see there. May be next holiday I can go there too.. father's day promo may be? ;)

Zara's Mama said...

I wonder if Zara will know how to appreciate this..

When she's older, I'm definitely going to bring her.

BB is quite a cheerful boy hor.. almost enjoy most of his outings.

Baby Smooches said...

I happened to be there for a function once and was actually quite surprised at the many interesting things to see over there. Will definitely take my kids there when they're much older!

jazzmint said...

cool...i've only passby the entrance, never been inside before :P

mom2ashley said...

looks like great fun!!!

clair said...

Ya, it's quite educational. Even the older kids get to learn something - like that mock-up oil drill, the helicopter ride and the earthquake simulator. Pretty interesting ;o)

Ricket said...

I'm heading to KL in August, will go there too.

Angeline said...

Everytime passed by never really want to think about going in.Because my 3 still young, daddy & mommy surely going to be busy chasing them here & there.Will be going to check it out when they be bigger & understand.


i have been contemplating to bring my kids there but not sure what's the attraction inside.
from your post, the place sounds and looks good.
bb seems very involved.

AsleyLee said...

Oh, such a great place. Unfortunately i can't stay longer in KL this June when i'm back to M'sia, if not, sure i'll go there!

khongfamily said...

From what you've written, looks like a fun place to visit. Never been there before. Sure will bring Brae there when he is older.

michelle said...

I always wanted to bring my children there, twice tak jadi. :( We were late and another time, closed becoz public holiday. I will attempt the 3rd time after reading your post.

Allyfeel said...

hehe...yes, they have the same father's day promom as well next month. :)

zara's mama,
I think so too, he can't stop running and touching things.

baby smooches,
Hello...thanks for stopping by.
Yea I was surprised too. ;)

jazzmint, looks like it's for more grown up kids.

Not bad at all. I am surprised too bb likes it.

Earthquake simulator? Eh, I think we missed that one. Agreed with you, they do learn something there. I was half blur hehe....not a very good science student.

Oh nice... How long are you gonna be here?

Thanks for dropping by. Hmm...I totally agreed with you if you have 3 toddlers to care for. Hey but there are always other options like bringing along uncles and aunties, friends to help caring for them. Hehe....:)

two little fellas,
Hmm...there are quite big, we skipped some places as well. Surprisingly, he was.

hui sia,
Oh, you are coming back for short holidays eh?

Well, that's only my perspective...hehe.

I am sure your boy and girl will somehow like the place. :)

Twin said...

sounds nice. since its school holiday soon .. maybe i'll gather my nieces and nephews for a trip there.

Allyfeel said...

Oh...Happy Holiday and Happy Exploring!

Baby Smooches said...

Sounds fun and educational. Should bring my 2 kids when they're older. I think it's interesting for the adults too ya?