Monday, May 22, 2006

My 30th months

Mommy was busy with her work nowadays and she has little time to blog about me. I think she is feeling a little guilty too for having table lamp still on after I slept to do her beading. Sometimes I made noise but most of the time I sleep well. No matter how tired she is, she loves me dearly. I can feel it, she never fail bringing me warm water when I toss around demanding for water.

Ye-Ye Pat and Uncle Tony came back from Australia 2 weeks ago with my cousin Alicia who is 15 months old. I met her for the first time; she is such a HOT babe! She has rosy cheeks and a very sweet and friendly smile. I adore her so much. I share with her all my toys and showed her how to play with them. I was very generous with all my toys at first but later I found out that she is so lousy at playing them. She messed up all my stuffs and I was very mean, I pushed her away and told her that it was mine and not hers. Everybody started playing with her and grandma carried her. I would not let anybody take my grandma away. I also wanted grandma to carry if I see HER being carried. She likes to scream during dinner, I have stopped doing that long time ago.

I remembered Alicia likes putting her head on her mother’s breast and bite bite them. I tried biting mommy last night on her breast too, but mommy scolded me. Therefore, I guess unlike Ye-Ye pat, mommy dislike me doing it. Anyhow, I still enjoy seeing Alicia. Before she went home to Australia, the home of Kangaroo, she had fever; I kissed and patted her back to show her I care. I definitely like to see her again in the future.

Mommy complaint about me sometimes, she said I have itchy hands, it constantly moving and touching things. She warned me not to touch her things. I just like touching them, all her stuffs on the table looks so tempting. I would like to pour all of them out and make a castle out of those shinny things. I want to do almost anything by myself. I just love being involved. I like to open the milk powder’s cover, hand over the scope to mommy and have her ask me where the cover is. I will say “here” and hand it to her. She likes to praise me “good boy, clever boy”. I feel so gooooooood. I have developed a habit of locking doors. I even reminded daddy to lock the car doors if he forgets. However, sometimes mommy got mad with me if I lock myself up and refuse to unlock.

I am not sure why I just dislike eating. I can see that mommy is trying her best to cook for me. I only take a teeny tiny bit. It got her worried sometimes. She never force me, she always have a short conversation with kakak to see if I behaved, eat well and sleep well during the day in grandma’s house. I know she loves me. I know she is worried about my weight too. I weighed myself yesterday, mommy said I am a “skinny miny mini mouse”, that means, I am very skinny.

I like watching playhouse during daytime and playing chasing with kakak. She kept me entertained when grandma is sleeping and mommy, daddy is in the office. I was a little emotional before mommy left for work this morning. Sometimes I wish she were with me 24x7. Nevertheless, after a while I am very fine playing on my own.

Oh ya, forgot to mention about daddy ya. He is COOL too. He bath me nowadays, letting me spray the shower water to his entire face and open his mouth to let me spray too. Haha! It was so much fun. He brought me to swim swim and bought my favorite doughnut for me to munch. He also brought me to see Gymbo when mommy wasn’t around yesterday. He took me to different places for food and excursion too.

That’s me at 30th month.


Egghead said...

wah! 30th month still go bite mami's breast? em hai gua?! LOL!

geetha said...

WOW, for a moment I forgot who was writing the story :)

Hmm, lovking doors, refuse to unlock?! Very dangerous lah!

maria @ twinsmom said...

*sigh*... sometime I wish my twins are boy, so then I can pass the bathing duty to daddy, so tire to bath two monkey.

AsleyLee said...

Wow,Alicia just looks like a doll!!

I think the breast would feel very painful that got bitten by a teethful boy, hahaha...

MyLittleChampion said...

aiyo, malu la you. nice having bb feeling ok when you are away. dont you love them more everyday? I do!

Zara's Mama said...

Dear Handsome Kor kor,
Please don't forget about Zara year even you have Alicia to play with.

Next time go Gymboree remember to ask Zara to go with you yeah?

jazzmint said...

Mommy must have asked u to keep ur distance away from her beads. 3ft and nothing closer LOL

Sue said...

Wow, boy, just imagine mixing up mummy's beads... surely there'll be many more nights when the light's gonna be on after your sleep to sort em out :P

And hor, dun bite mummy ok...

mom2ashley said...

wow 30 months old already?? so fast

alicia is such a cutie!

Twin said...

hey my girl is 3 months older. aiyo what's the toddlers obsession with mommy's breast. the other day my girl told me she wanted to drink my milk. And she actually went onto my breast to suck. Aiyo... told her "Princess mommy got no more milk". She asked .. who drink all. Told her .. "Titi (brother) drink all when he was a baby". Then she concluded with something like .. "Aiyo I got no more to drink". Hehe it was really funny.

Allyfeel said...

Hai wor, above a bit la...Ouch!!! Still got mark. *Sigh*

Hehe...yalor...but after much persuasion, he will unlock ...if not, I got spare key ma....:P

Daddy cannot bath mer now?
Ya it's tiring to bath one boy, can't imagine bathing twin.

hui sia,
Ya...Alicia is very adorable.
Ouch!!! yes, painful and it has red mark now. *Shake Head* :P

Ya...I do, now that he talks more, I find him very interesting.

zara's mama,
Dear Zara,
Sure, I would love to have you as my playmate. Do you really want to go to see Gymboo? Let me ask mommy if she still have any trial lesson voucher.

ya man, his hands are like Octopus, can't stop moving. Grrrr....

Touch wood, dun wan it to happen.
Okay auntie Sue.

yup...time flies. Yup, mixed baby always looks like a doll.

Hahaha....did ur girl saw any younger baby sucking from mother's breast? My boy saw Alicia sucking from SIL breast , that's why he was so curious. Kept starring at my SIL and Alicia. geli ler, if they actually suck after so long... :P LOL.