Monday, May 29, 2006

A betrayal grandson


Mil told hubby this and he related the story to me. Bb gave away her cards to the auntie on the Mah Jong table. He went to mil’s place and told other aunties mil’s cards. He told the aunties mil had one “飞- fei” , 2 “Bola-bola” and 1 “Cat” (Flower card). Then the auntie asked bb any more cards? BB replied “No more”. Auntie asked again how many “飞- fei” does mil has, bb replied “1 only” *Gosh!!!*

Actually, I do not know how to play Mah Jong, bb must have got influence from all those “师奶”(housewife) like mil….*shake head*


BB was kicking ball in the garden, KICK, KICK….KICK…..opppss…ball flown to the neighbour’s garden.

BB: OH MY GOD! Ball gone! (Exact words)
Mil was stunt at the above phrase. He must have picked up from me.

My hands are full holding all bb’s stuffs while going down the stairs. Bb called me to help holding his bottle so that he could hold the rail while descending the staircase. I told him “Mommy got no hand, cannot help you”

The next morning, while going down the staircase,
BB: “mommy, bb got no hand, help me" He wants me to hold his bottle for him.

Mommy: “No, it’s not no hand, my hands are full. Mommy said wrongly, dun say no hand next time okay?”



Last night…

We went back to Pil’s place to have dinner for ”端午节 – Chung festival“ and pay homage to ancestor. I tried to place bb in his car seat, he reluctant to get in. He made a scene out of it by crying, kicking and screaming furiously. I pressed him down with the help of Sri but he continued to climb out twisting and turning his body with lots of tears. Gosh!!! I was stern and tough on this previously but he cried too much. Eventually I let him travel without a car seat. I hated doing this; all my effort to make him sit on car seat has just gone to waste. He has grown to refuse car seat now. What am I gonna do? Do you have this problem?


This morning…

Mommy: BB, come and kiss mommy goodbye.
BB shook his head: bb got “misai” (moustache)
Mommy: Where got???

When he doesn’t want to kiss his father and grandpa, he would say “misai” swooshing his index finger around chin and upper lip area. I think it’s his excuse not to kiss me. *Naughty*


Egghead said...

hehe... very easy to pick up mahjong hor? I did since I was a little kid!

jazzmint said...

wahh....picking up mahjong liao and give other ppl the tile somemore!!

hehe, BB has lots of reasons hoh and he learns very fast too

geetha said...

He's following your words real close I see.. :) Clever.

Hmm, he knows how to play mahjong? Can prepare for CNY next year ;)

I also have the car seat problem. Champion doesn't like to sit there.. for so long oredi. I guess the strapped feeling and they growing, make it uncomfortable.

Jesslyn said...

Clever boy...she pick up all these with u guys lar...
psst psst ...Auntie Jesslyn don't know mahjong ler...:P

Zara's Mama said...

How he knows what is Fei?? I don't think I know what it is. :P

Reemphasise.. the car seat bit. But if you gave in in the end, he knows if he fussed enough, you'll give in, so maybe he'll try again.

mom2ashley said...

hey i too encountered difficulty in getting ashley to sit in her car seat last weekend! she cried like there was no tomorrow!

michelle said...

Wow, your MIL is training another kaki for mahjong. How cute... :P

AsleyLee said...

I think it's common for certain age that rejected the car seat, my Jo used to sit on the seat with seat belt strapping only when i was driving him to nanny's place last time.

Allyfeel said...

Really? I thought it wasn't good to pick up but hubby thinks it's a good social skill. :P

yalar...always give excuses. ;)

No lar, he doesn't know how to play, can only recognize a few characters of the Mahjong.

I agree with you for the car seat issue.

I also don't know. ;P

zara's mama,
It's one of the tile in Mahjong la, I am not better than you.

I guess I have failed. But now he seems okay again.

mom2ashley, hui sia,
yalor....I used to let him cry until he gave up but now, he kicks, he screams and creates commotion in the car....*sigh*

I hope not. :P