Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Lunch Stroll Surprise

Just went out for a vegetarian lunch in uptown with two colleagues, set lunch for RM5. As usual, grabbed the “Seremban Siew Pao” near by after lunch and strolled to a bookshop, some fashion boutiques. Saw this bright green boutique has offer of RM30 Yoga Pants, checked it out, quite nice but I didn’t buy as I already have two with me. Later I bought 2 of those transparent bra straps to match with some sexy outfit whereby when worn, bra strap would not be seen so obviously. Don’t really like to wear bra without strap, it’s a little uncomfortable and sometimes shirt or top will be suck into the bra making it look so funny. I think fuller bust people won’t have this problem.

Upon checked out, cashier girl asked:

“Are you married?” (I thought she should ask: do you have kids?)

With a suspicious look, I replied “Yes, Why?”

“This is for you, Happy mother’s day!”

Me very delighted, a Rm16.90 mother’s day gift for spending only Rm2. Kekeke….smile until cannot see my eyeball already.

Now, what shall I do with this mo mo COW looking scarf? Tie it as a headscarf, over my wrist, my neck??? I have no idea! It is not really my style. Most slightly, it will end up being a tablecloth. What a waste! Nonetheless, it is still very nice to receive a mother’s Day gift for the first time.


AsleyLee said...

Valuable gift that you can use it as headscarf for your boy!

Jesslyn said...

how come i never got any present from supermarket during this day? :(

Egghead said...

like that also can ah? LOL!
I suggest you to wear it during breastfeeding in the future :P

Zara's Mama said...

where is this?? I also want to go and get my free gift.. :P

Good for you to invest RM2 for these transparent bra strap.. can't stand those ppl wear those sexy top then show off their bra straps! Blech!

jazzmint said...

wah so gift somemore :)

Allyfeel said...

Hui sia,
oh ya hor, not a bad idea at all but I think he will snatch it away. :)

err...may be not all place do such promotion ler. :) No worries, I am sure ur loving hubby and 2 lovely daughters will give u BIG surprise le. :P

I think it's a little to small ler to cover my entire shoulder. :P

zara's mama,
The one near the seremban sieo pau in Damansara Uptown. Same row as Watson.

well, nothing to shout about la...just a scarf. :)

geetha said...

Good start of a regocnition.. Happy Mother's Day to you.

MyLittleChampion said...

wa, where is this place ah? well, you can bring it to the frame shop to frame it. but before framing it, you might want to put something together with it, like a small print out of cow... hard to explain it to you but i will not use it on my self but definately frame it...syiok la you.

maria @ twinsmom said...

you didn't ask "you think I am cow meh?" then moo her LOL...

Allyfeel said...


Mylittlechampion, funny la.

no la... I only thought it looks like mo mo after came home.