Friday, May 05, 2006

The lovey dovey side of bb

Before sleep, bb called daddy to come up and play parachutes with him. He knows he needs daddy and me to hold both side of the blanket for him. He called nicely and usually after two rounds of song singing, lifting blanket up and down, we would cover him with the blanket and let him find his way out. He loves doing this and often one could hear his high pitch scream outside our bedroom. “Last one” with index finger up is his gesture for one last round.

After story time, lights off leaving only a very dim lamp and daddy teased and tickled bb. He decided to act naughty; he tickled and played rough with me when bb was right beside us. I have tickling bones everywhere, I screamed, kicked and shouted aloud.

Out of a sudden bb cry out loudly, snuffle sniff! Oh… I quickly consoled him and later asked him why he cried. To my surprise, this is what he reply:

“Papa beat mommy, bb cry, mommy Sayang” He loves me dearly, cry for help! I told him, papa played with mommy not beat beat, only playing. Gosh!


The other day

Took her to the dentist, bb peeked inside to see what happened. Saw kakak in pain. Later maid came out, bb uttered gently:

“kakak, are you okay? Open mouth, let me see, kakak pain pain".


Hubby scolded maid for something she did wrong.

Later in the afternoon,

“Sorry kakak, papa scold scold”.


This morning,

Why bb naughty? Mommy beat beat “ka chui” (Hainannese, buttocks)

Bb replied: NO, for hmm hmm…! (It’s for poo poo not for beating)



jazzmint said...

eheh...he very sayang everyone around him hoh..sensitive boy.

hey just visited your bead art website, very nice lehh..keep up the good work :)

Egghead said...

such a loving boy!
so caring and sensitive :)

mumsgather said...

NO, for hmm hmm..! Hahahaha. Smart boy!

mom2ashley said...

how very thoughtful of bb!!! very receptive towards other people's feelings!

Jesslyn said...



Bb is so caring and thoughtful..he even say sorry on behalf of daddy

geetha said...

Yeah, he is so caring lah.. :)

Allyfeel said...

Yalor, sometimes too sensitive also no good. But I am glad that he cares.

Thanks for visiting. I hope I could make and of coz money. Hah! :P

希望他不要太caring, 以后女朋友一大罗就糟糕了。

I think Mil also remind him that when I want to beat him. :P

I think he got it from me. :) It's also a weakness I think.

谢谢!细心就好可不要太心軟, 要不然做不到大事。 :)

Two little fellas,
Yalor, daddy some more said "cannot apologize", otherwise the maid think she is right. *shake head*

ya he is, even when I have my anti slip socks on (it looks like bandage) he will come and sayang my feet. haha!